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"You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper. "

Here's the next installment of the internet's least anticipated list!

45: 30 Rock (2006 - )

"I love you so much I'm going to take you behind the middle school and get you pregnant." - Tracy Jordan

In a respectable position 45 is Tina Fey's sit-com about the cast and crew of a fictional show called "The Girly Show with Tracy Jordan". The show centers around Liz Lemon (Fey) and the constant problems that crop up both within her work life and her (lack of) a personal life. Tina (as Liz) made it into my list of most attractive women this year because of the fantastic role she plays in this show.

But it's not just Tina who's so brilliant in this show, pretty much the whole cast is amazing and funny. But the best is without a doubt Alec Baldwin, who is just so wonderful as Jack Donaghy and provides an excellent semi-sort-of-but-not-really-evil-boss for Liz. The show mixes semi-serious moments without going into the seriously 'touching sad music moment' that Scrubs likes to. 30 Rock isn't there to make you think, it's just there to make you laugh. I especially love the concept of Milf Island. Genius!

Oh and Sein-vision utterly rocked! 8.8
IMDB: 8.3

44: Danger Mouse (1981 - 1992)

"He's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger, he'll be there!" - Danger Mouse Theme Song

Creeping in from my childhood comes the worlds smallest secret agent (who matters) Danger Mouse! Even now this show is so perfectly watchable and brilliant that it's amazing. David Jason and Terry Scott are so wonderful and madcap in their dialog that this show simply shines. Both of them constantly attempt to one up the other, which creates such a superb interaction between DM and Penfold.

The show has aged in appearance somewhat, but as it's animated that's not a major problem. While I'd love to see new episodes it seems somewhat unlikely as Terry passed on in 1994. I'm sure that there will be an inevitable re-make somewhere down the line (what is with all this re-making now?!?), but it won't hold a candle to the original version in the dialog section. 8.8
IMDB: 7.5

43: 'Allo 'Allo! (1982 - 1992: With a special in 2007)

"Good Moaning. The resist-once have accqo-aired a bum. They are going to ex-plod the whaleway brodge" - Officer Crabtree

Another show from my childhood, this was one which the entire family used to sit down and watch together. I was never quite comfortable with the sexual tones in the show at the time, partly because I was so young when it was on, but mostly because my parents were in the room.
'Allo 'Allo! has some of the most well written and superb dialog gags in tv history. Officer Crabtree's incredibly poor french language speaking skills in particular were brilliant. "There is obviously no piss for the wicked." still cracks me up to this day.

But it's not just the dialog that made this show so funny, the entire premise is brilliant. Including such utter insanities as the entire cast spoke english, but with french accents (as the show was set in france) so they had the British airmen speak in incredibly english accents to show they were speaking a different language. And it worked!

Quality show through and through. Oh and the special was awesome. 8.8
IMDB: 8.7

42: Friends (1994 - 2004)

"I can handle this. "Handle" is my middle name. Actually, "handle" is the middle of my first name." - Chandler

It's a classic and I'm sure you knew it was going to be on this list somewhere. But it's only made it here to the low 40s as while I enjoy it and own every episode it's one of those shows that went on for longer than the writers could manage. I see little point in expanding on this much more so I'll just say Chandler is my favourite friend but my favourite line (which I still use to this day) is:

"We were on a Break!" 9.3
IMDB: 8.9

41: American Dad (2005 - )

"Sorry I'm late, I was getting a piping-hot cup of coffee. It's far too hot to drink, but luckily my leathery man-mouth can take it. " - Stan Smith

Scoring higher than it's counterpart Family Guy I prefer American Dad due to it's lack of 'gag cut scenes' and overall superior storytelling style. Family Guy is a sketch show with thin plot between the sketches while American Dad plays more like a violent sit-com.

I think I enjoy the show so much because it's a wonderful parody of all those secret agent types you see in various films and shows. They're almost always either single or in dysfunctional falling apart marriages. The Smiths; in contrast, have their problems but manage to stick together.

I think it's just a better show than Family Guy, but it's not my favourite cartoon show on this list. That one is still to come... 8.4
IMDB: 7.4

Well here we are, a fifth of the way through the list and I'm already hankering to watch the shows I've talked about. More tomorrow!


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