Top Ten Celebs I'd Like to be Trapped in a Lift with

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Originally inspired by Stephen Fry's twittering while stuck in a lift/elevator Anna Pickard of The Guardian wrote up her list of the top 10 celebrities she'd like to be trapped in a lift with. Rob at The Medium is not Enough picked this up and wrote his own. Then Dan at DMD followed with this one, as did Rullsenbug over here.

So following in the trend I present my own list on the following topic:

"Which ten TV celebrities (real or fictional) would you like to be stuck in a lift with?"

Presented in reverse order of preference:

10. Bryan Fuller - Creator (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daises)

Bryan comes up with such wonderful and creative shows, there's always something beautiful and original about his shows. If nothing else I'm sure he could keep us all entertained with stories of toasters that come alive and half-zombie bees. But also he's so creative that I wouldn't be surprised if he happened to know a way to make the lift work.

I could also tell him just how saddened I am that all his shows seem to end before their time and beg him to keep away from Heroes.

9. Bruce Campbell - Actor (Burn Notice, Evil Dead)
I've never watched a single show or film where I haven't enjoyed Bruce's performances, in all the interviews he's given I've always been struck by how pleasant, down to earth and genuine he is. Bruce is the number one reason I started watching (and still keep watching) Burn Notice. He's just a great actor so I'd take the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for countless hours of entertainment.

I'm also sure he'd know of a way to get out of a stuck lift.

8. John McClane - Character (Die Hard)

Because the man would know exactly how to get out of a broken lift and get help. He'd also be able to deal with any problems along the way and he could do it all without shoes. For the record I'd prefer the John McClane of the original trilogy over the superhuman Atlas who stalked across Die Hard 4.0. The first one was human and flawed, the latter would probably just get me killed and then avenge my death, which is no help to me at all because I was only stuck in a lift.

7. Lucy Porter - Actress, Comedienne

I think it's no secret that I'm fond of Lucy Porter, I think she's sweet and exceptionally funny. I'm sure she'd be able to keep my spirits up while we waited to be freed from the lift and also she's small. So she wouldn't take up too much space in the lift, which is always a good thing.

Fortunately I think I could also manage to hold a conversation with her as well, I'm sure I wouldn't go all blathery and panic like I would if I was put near Tara Summers (see further down the list).

6. Richard Sommer - Actor (Mad Men)
Having listened to his interview over at GeekSpeak I'm convinced I would be able to pass plenty of time talking with Richard as we have similar interests in common. I could probably pass the entire time without even mentioning Mad Men, despite my grand enjoyment of the show.

5. Tara Summers - Actress (Boston Legal)

I absolutely loved Tara Summers's performance in Boston Legal as Katie Lloyd and I'd relish the chance to chat with her a little about her experience in the show. Especially what it was like working with Schatner, Spader and Christian Clemenson . Of course I also think she's an exceptionally lovely looking woman, so I'd probably just end up standing around looking awkward before rushing out of the lift as soon as it was fixed.

4. Jenna Fisher - Actress (The Office)
Jenna is another actress I'm rather fond of and much like Richard Sommer I know I have a few things in common where interests are involved. Unlike Tara I could probably manage a decent and non-freaky conversation with her while we waited.

Though the conversation might start with...
"IheardonRichSommer'sinterviewthatyouplayboardgames!" *gasp* "Andyou'regreatonTheOfficeand!" *gasp* "nowI'mjustgushingandI'msorryI'llshutupnow!"

So maybe I couldn't manage it, but at least I'd be able to say I got stuck in a lift with her.

3. Clark Johnson - Actor (Homicide: Life on the Street, The Shield, The Wire), Director (The Wire, The Shield)
Not only did Clark Johnson act in three of my favourite shows of all time and was my favourite character on Homicide (Meldrick Lewis), but he also directed the first and last episodes of both The Wire and The Shield. He was present for the beginning and end of two shows that are easily the greatest ever aired on our screens.

But it was his commentary on the opening episode of The Wire which convinced me to put him in the number three position, I rarely like to listen to commentaries from a single person, I prefer the interplay which comes from two or more people watching. I especially prefer to hear from the people who acted the episode, but Clark's commentary was an exception to this. It was always interesting and informative, as such I think Clark would have plenty of interesting things to talk about if he was trapped and he also seems practical enough not to panic.

2. Michael Chiklis - Actor (The Commish and The Shield)
I have always been amazed by the transformation Michael managed to pull off when he went from The Commish to The Shield, he changed from this man:

To this:

Not only was the physical transformation pretty staggering but the persona change was incredible as well. Michael is well known as being a nice, likable and hardworking guy, but his portrayal of Vic Mackey was chilling at times.

Because his performance as Mackey is a big reason why I watch and appreciate TV so much, and because I've heard nothing but good things about him in his personal life I'd happily spend some time trapped in a lift with him. I could talk to him about his time on The Shield and what his plans for the future are.

Also I'm sure if anyone could get the rescue team to hurry up and get us out it would be Michael.

1. David Simon -- Creator/Writer of Generation Kill, The Corner, The Wire and Writer of Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets plus Homicide: Life on the Street.

Now I do apologise for having a predictable top three (for me anyway) but David Simon is easily one of the greatest minds of our generation, the man can create quality show after quality show and is a fantastic writer to boot. I own everything David has created, both on book and DVD and of course I love every single bit og it. He's someone I'd love to meet and if it meant being stuck in a lift for a few hours, I'd take that.

Then I'd sit back and enjoy the mini-series 'Trapped' based on his experiences in that lift. No idea who'd play me in it though.

I'd also like to give an honourable mention to Stephen Fry, I'd actually love to spend some time with him but I didn't put him on the list because it felt too obvious (even now I wince at that excuse). My apologies to Stephen for this, you're still a national treasure!

As for the number one person I wouldn't want to get stuck in a lift with:

Larry David/George Costanza - I love the man's work (and the fictional version of him on Seinfeld) but I'm sure with his awkward nature he'd make the time in the lift incredibly unpleasant without meaning to. As for his fictional counterpart George, I know he would.


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  1. Lisa Rullsenberg 11 February 2009 at 17:01
    Well I think your top 10 are great - and definitely a well thought out top 3. Good TV drama is just brilliant and it would be great to get to find out more from these brilliant people who manage to get the work out there, make, direct, write and construct these incredible characters and narratives...
  2. Rob Buckley 11 February 2009 at 17:46
    Oh. Yours is much better thought out than mine. [Sulks]
  3. Anonymous 11 February 2009 at 17:59
    Totally agree with David Simon.

    I would have to include Joss Whedon.

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