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I'm still exceptionally short of time and energy at the moment, but I have made a decision to update at least once a week no matter what happens. I am also posting over at TV Geek Army - so I'll start putting links or cross posts here when the site is updated with some thing from myself. At the moment Eric from TVGA and myself are round tabling about finales - the entire series so far can be read here, needless to say it is spoiler-riffic, but only about shows that have been finished for a while and each post on the link has a spoiler cut so you don't need to worry about reading a show finale you haven't seen yet.

Myself I have been using the summer months to catch up on a multitude of shows, what follows is a couple of sentences on the seasons I've seen.

Bones Season 4
Thank goodness Zach is down to an occasional guest star now, final episode was pretty rubbish but Booth's storyline was great. This show is one of my favourite "trashy" procedurals.

Mad Men Season 2
Still as great as ever, in the process of watching season 3 right now.

Frisky Dingo Season 1
I loved Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and I'm still rocking The Venture Brothers - so it's no surprise I enjoyed the first season of this show.

Samantha Who Season 1
I know it was cancelled, but I wanted to give it a try anyway and I must say, you can't help but fall in love with Christina Applegate in it. She's wonderful.

Doctor Who - Doctor Eleven, Series 1
You can read my reviews at TVGA here. Brilliant series, I did not think I was going to like Matt Smith more than David Tenant, but I do. Vincent and the Doctor was one of the greatest episodes of any show, ever.

How I Met Your Mother Season 3
So glad they're finally releasing this show on a reasonable schedule in the UK. Season 3 was as great on the rewatch as it was the first time round.

HIMYM Season 5
I caught up with the complete 5th season as well recently, it was decent but a little forgettable in parts. The show has become TV popcorn, easy to digest but not much to remember. I still love it though.

Eureka Season 2
A really silly show in some respects, but it's so much fun it's easy to forgive the dafter parts of it.

Burn Notice Season 2
Burn Notice is something I fell behind with watching and really, desperately want to catch up on. I need the third season to be released in the UK asap. Adored the second season, better than ever.

Buffy Season 3
One of my favourite seasons, I'm two episodes away from the end of it and I'm just holding off from watching them because I know the mayor is going to be killed and I like the mayor.

I'll be back next week with a more substantial review of a show. I'll also let you know if I update on TVGA, I'm waiting for Eric's response on the Finale Round table before I post again though.
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