The Final Update

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I've had a good long think about this over recent times and changes in circumstances along with an alteration in my personal priorities has made it pretty hard to keep focused on updating here on this blog.  I'm just not 'feeling' it any more, I enjoy television and I love sharing it, but writing about it 2-3 times a week just isn't happening for me and that's not enough content to keep a blog going.

If you add into it the fact that television at the moment isn't really gripping me and fiction writing is starting to take a hold on my free time and you can see why things are just not working here.  The blog is on life support at best and as it's not active enough to have a readership more than a handful and it doesn't earn me anything any more I've taken a long hard look at things.

I have tried breathing life back into the blog by seeking co-writers and I've even considered a change in direction, but the bottom line is this.

I've decided to stop updating here and lay this blog to rest.  However I'm not sure I'm completely done with writing about television, so I'm going to be looking for a new home where I can update less frequently (say once a week or a fortnight) as part of a team of contributors.  Especially if I can find someone who will give me direction (or say direct me towards shows to review).

If you know of anything like that, or if you're interested yourself drop me a line either on the email address in the header, via my twitter or with a message in this post.

For everyone else, thanks - this has been real.

(I'll be around on twitter occasionally if needed.)
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