Exceedingly Excellent Episodes #1 - The Dead Zone

Every series worth it's salt that runs for more than a single season produces an episode that just defines everything that the series is about. Often these episodes leave you awestruck or make the hairs on your neck raise.

This series will be about those episodes. As such it will often be very spoiler heavy, normally just for the episode in question but sometimes for the season or even the show. As a consequence...

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That said let us get onto the very first Exceedingly Excellent Episode (Triple E). The following episode is the one that inspired this entire series and it comes from a moderately popular American show.

The Dead Zone - 205 - Precipitate
I'm going to quote the TV.com/Wikipedia summary here:
"Johnny receives a blood transfusion and starts experiencing the lives of six blood donors, including a homeless man. Johnny must figure out which one is about to be killed and stop it. "
(This version is from the wiki, but the tv.com one is almost identical - I have no idea why the wikipedia feels it imporant to note one of the donors is a homeless man.)

That summary is right on the head for the plot, essentially that's all there is too the episode. Some could even argue that just about every episode for The Dead Zone could be boiled down to something similar. But that is the format of the show.

Johnny gets a vision, Johnny decides to change outcome of vision.

Precipitate doesn't deviate from that format, in fact it's stripped back from a lot of the baggage in the show. Only Johnny and Bruce are involved in the majority of this episode (along with the guest stars and extras) and it's the raw simplicity of this that works. Johnny's visions of the six people have told him much about each of them, but not enough to tell which one will die.
Time and time again he's incorrect about his assumptions with each potential victim, but despite this his interference improves the lives of each donor.

It's more than possible to figure out which person is the donor that Johnny and Bruce need to save quite early on. There are several subtle clues dropped into the episode at key points. But to be honest, doing so would detract from the ride. A ride which cumulates in a truely fantastic set piece, where each donor's changed destiny has a part to play in saving the life of the sixth.

The moment where it all comes together is wonderfully written, shot, acted and edited. All of the running around and failed attempts come together in one beautiful moment. You realise that Johnny only saved the sixth donor by helping the previous five change their lives for the better.

In truth that's what The Dead Zone is about for me, how one person's actions can alter the course of others for the better. Johnny leaves having not just directly saved one life, but improving the lives of everyone he had a vision about.
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Episode Reviews - The Office (401) & Family Guy (601)

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The Office (USA) - 401 - Fun Run
It's rather nice that I get to start off with a short review of 'The Office' season premiere. I much prefer the USA version over the British one, I think for the most part because of the pacing and characters. In this 40 minute premiere Michael Scott arranges a fun run for rabies after knocking Meredith down in his car and we get to see how three relationships have developed since the end of the last season. Michael and Jan, Dwight and Angela and Pam and Jim.

I really cannot express how much I love the attention to detail and character that comes in this show. The writing is so tight and the acting really delivers on it, Jim's bemused/amused looks towards the camera in particular always make me chuckle. But it's Steve Carrell's performance as Michael Scott that was so great in this one. He really portrays a guy who lives 100% inside his own head, but is basically a nice guy. Well he would be a nice guy if he actually understood people at all. I find him far, far more likeable than David Brent. But I find the entire American cast more likeable than the British ones were (which I guess is kind of the point).

I also enjoyed the side stories involving the various relationships and couldn't stop laughing at the Pam and Michael exposing incident. I think it's easy to say there are too many amusing little incidents in this episode to list all of them.

Solid premiere that continues the excellent tradition of this show

Family Guy - 601 - Blue Harvest
After a powercut Peter entertains the family with a retelling of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. This is also a season premiere and it's an extended episode at 42 mins.

The last season of Family Guy was a very hit and miss affair, all to often they rehashed old jokes, especially the "Overly extended ouch/laugh/cry/shin" joke. I cannot express in words how much I hate that joke, it's only been funny once and that was when Chris was laughing for ages, then they ended with something like "I pooped myself" (I haven't seen it for a while, not 100% sure of the exact joke).

Oh, I digressed. The point was the last season was alternately brilliant and awful. But this season premiere was Family Guy at their finest. While it would be difficult for them to screw up such a concept (and Robot Chicken did it first - something they aknowledge in a brilliant fourth wall bending conversation between Seth and Seth as Peter and Chris) the whole thing is just carried off beautifully. From the amusing little set pieces, fantastic 3D Animation, set piece songs and faithful reintepretations the whole thing just shows how much the writers of Family Guy love Star Wars.

I for one loved this Peter-fied retelling of A New Hope. It almost made me want to watch the original movie again. But I won't, I still need more time to wash the taste of episodes 1 to 3 out of my brain.

Series Classic
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Welcome to Earth's Mightiest Television

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Well, first of all welcome to the birth of a new blog. The hope with this is to provide a place where I can talk about my one of my greatest loves. Stories, specifically stories told in the medium of television.

In my opinion there is little else in the human experience that rivals the television series as a medium for story telling. Books are the only thing that stand up and above TV as a method for the telling of stories. But personally I prefer the television show, the book is more an individual's story while TV shows are collaborative efforts with input from not just the writer(s) but from a whole host of people. And I prefer the results.

Of course this is not to say that films, books and spoken word are inferior methods. They're not, but this is not about those mediums. It's about television.

As for the structure to this, it will be rather haphazard; at times I'll write about single episodes in recently released shows, at other times I'll talk about seasons as a whole or shows from the past. The one thing they will all have in common is that I've watched them and they've elicited some kind of emotion from me. Not all shows I watch are shows that I love, in fact it's rare that I accept a show 100% without pondering about it's flaws or shortfalls. I guess in someways I'm a wanna-be critic at heart, but I prefer to think of myself as a consumer of quality TV.

I think that's enough for an introduction, it's time for me to go watch some TV!

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Table of Contents

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The 4400: The Complete Series

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Futurama: Bender's Game

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Gavin and Stacey: Series Two
Generation Kill
The Green Wing: 8 Disc Collector's Edition

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law: Volume One
Homicide: Life on the Street - Series 1 (Seasons 1 and 2 collected together)
Homidice: Life on the Street - The Complete Second Series

Homicide: Life on the Street - The Complete Third Series

Homicide: Life on the Street. The Complete Fourth Series

Homicide: Life on the Street - The Complete Fifth Series

Homicide: Life on the Street: The Complete Sixth Series
How I Met Your Mother: Season One

Lead Balloon: Series One
The Living Planet

Marion & Geoff: Series One & Two
Monk - Seasons One to Six Collected
Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach

Red Dwarf I: The Original Series

Red Dwarf II: The Second Series

Red Dwarf: The Complete Third Series

Red Dwarf: The Complete Fourth Series

Red Dwarf: The Entire Fifth Series
Red Dwarf: The Entire Sixth Series
Red Dwarf: The Entire Seventh Series
Red Dwarf: The Entire Eighth Series
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The Office: An American Workplace. Seasons 1 to 3

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The Shield: Season 2

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The Simpsons: The Complete Eleventh Series
Skins: The Complete First Series
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Sugar Rush (The Complete Series 1 + 2)

Supernatural: The Complete Third Season

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Weeds: The Complete Second Season
The West Wing: The Complete Series
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The Wire: The Complete Second Season

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Wire in the Blood: The Complete First and Second Series

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101 - Pilot
102 - Two Choices
103 - Nadia
104 - Infected

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202 - Turn and Burn

203 - Trust Me

204 - Comrades

205 - Scatter Point

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207 - Rough Seas

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202 & 203 Everything All the Time & The Business of Miracles
204 - Not For Nothing

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702 - Snitch

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704 - Genocide

705 - Game Face

706 - Animal Control
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708 - Parracide/Parricide
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710 - Party Line
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712 - Possible Kill Screen
Finale (713) - Family Meeting

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