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Hello apathetic internet! Up yours!

Here is the first in 10 installments (one per day) that will list my top 50 shows. These are taken from the various shows I've watched over the years and we'll just have to see what ends up where.

Onward and upward!

50: Millenium (1996-1999)
I did watch the majority of The X-Files, but in all honesty I didn't completely like the sci-fi slant of the show. It felt a little too "out there" for me. On the other hand Chris Carter's 'other' show, set in the same universe was right on the curve. It starred the excellent Lance Henriksen as Frank Black and best of all it had Terry O'Quinn (Lost) as the wonderfull Peter Watts.
The show was about the mysterious Millenium group and some sort of thing was supposed happen with the coming Millenium. Sadly the viewers were screwed over and the whole thing was canned before we got one final season.

Honestly though it's not suprising that it got canned, the show is seriously dark and not that accessable to the average couch potato. It's a show where the lines between good and evil aren't that clear. It's a show where the bad guys can sometimes get away. It's a show that leaves things open to come back to them later and will put it's lead character through the wringer without a moments hesitation. Which is why I love it.

The show was gifted a pseudo ending via The X-Files in an sort of cross over episode where Frank teams up with Mulder and Scully. But the style of the episode is very much "X-Files" and as such it's not really satisfying. That's the main reason this show doesn't rate higher, it could have ended better. score: 8.9
IMDB Score: 8.2

49: Deadwood (2004 - 2006)
Deadwood is one of HBOs grand dramas, with all the stops pulled out the show is utterly fantastic to look at and just feels so authentic. It drips with the stink of the old west and really makes the place look and feel alive. The dialog is also utterly brilliant, but very authentic (i.e. hard to understand) and exceedingly blue. Still it's a must watch for any fan of historical dramas, cowboy movies or Lovejoy. Yeah cause Ian McShane is utterly amazing as
Al Swearengen. I don't rate this show much higher because it also hasn't had a proper ending (yet) and the dialog plus pacing of the show isn't for everyone. Score: 9.1
IMDB Score: 9.3

48: Simpsons (1989 - )
Oh yeah, take that, I've gone there and not even put it in my top 20, can you feel me bucking the trend? While I enjoy The Simpsons, the reluctance of Fox and Co to let the show die gracefully has really made it lose it's luster. The earlier episodes are sheer comedy genius, but the longer the show has been left running for the worse it's gotten. While the movie wasn't half bad it's still not enough to redeem this show in my eyes. I love it, but there are better things out there and I wish Fox would start investing in something new instead of clutching onto the show like some old security blanket. score: 9.2
IMDB Score: 9.1

47: Family Guy (1999 - )
HAH! Suprise! Family Guy isn't in my top 20 either! Oh boy I feel like a real rebellious critic now, oooh go me. Fighting the system and playing as the underdog! Maybe it's because I get no money or product from any big fat cat executives that I'm willing to rate this show down here in the high 40s.

Now, strutting aside - I do enjoy Family Guy, quite a bit and I even rated Blue Harvest as a 9/10. But Family Guy has become increasingly hit and miss over recent times. I adore the first three seasons - in particular I think season three is utterly delightful, it's as much fun as a bucket of marshmallow bumblebees would be.
To Love and Die in Dixie is without a doubt the best episode of the entire show and one I'd go watch now if you want me to...

...But lately the show has been looking tired, it's started to lean more and more on the 'random inserted gag' and the plots have frankly become a bit outlandish. It's maybe feeling a little of The Simpsons effect on it, plus it's possible that American Dad is stretching the writers a little thin on jokes.

That said, I really am looking forward to "Something, Something, Something Dark Side" Score: 9.2
IMDB Score: 8.8

46: Burn Notice (2007 - )
Oh yeah, with only a single season under it's belt the spy/spoof/comedy/drama show starring Bruce Campbell and that guy who plays Michael Western and was a pair of twins in one episode of Homcide ("You got the wrong twin!") has made it into my top 50. It's an immensely fun show that has such a simple premise that it really shouldn't be this good. But it is, marrying the "Help a guy each week" with "Overarcing, why did you get fired?" plot works so well.

The performances from the main cast are excellent - Bruce Campbell pretty much steels every scene he's in, but that's to be expected - and the writing is both light, fast paced and witty. Add to this the fact that Miami is a gorgeous city and filled with fantastic hotties in bikinis and you have a winning forumla. score: 9.2
IMDB Score: 8.3

Tune in tomorrow for 45 to 41. Or don't because I'm a lousy writer! Your call Marty...


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  1. vern 24 July 2009 at 08:35
    My favorite tv show is Simpsons tv show. From the last 20years i am watching this show. The characters and scenes of this show are very funny.

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