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This week Barker and Dove end up looking for the people who infected a young boy and are now blackmailing his mother for the cure, demanding millions of dollars in jewels from her place of work. Meanwhile Dove's brother rolls back into town and asks to stay at his place.

Read about jewels, viruses and a show which is failing to reach it's potential behind the link...

While the previous episode 'Nadia' was a solid and well written, Infected was decidedly average and rather pedestrian. It's not that it was bad, there's nothing really shocking in it, but the sum of it's parts just ended up being rather weak. That's a serious problem for an action/thriller which is only into it's fourth episode, things should still be new, exciting and well thrilling. As such this review is going to be one of the shortest ones I've ever written.

It seems things are already very formulaic and the show is struggling, honestly without a huge kick up the can I can't see The Beast making it to a second season. Swayze is pretty much carrying the entire show by himself as Larry Gillard Jr. is woefully underused and Travis just can't act convincingly in any way. With a deeper cast this would work, but The Beast essentially has a three man cast and two of them never interact with each other. So Travis (as the go-between) needs to be able to pull his weight, he can't.

It's very hard for me to write a lot about this particular episode, I realised halfway through I'd actually converted it into moving wallpaper, instead of paying attention and taking notes I was cleaning my living room and organising things ready to move home. That's really not a good indication at all because that's my behaviour when House is on and House is the ultimate time filler show for myself.

Ultimately it feels that the show is doomed to fail, which is a genuine shame because the core concept for the show is fantastic, likewise Swayze's performance is nothing short of phenomenal, his best performance since well... ever. But I have to be realistic, one man does not make a television show alone.

So ultimately Infected really doesn't have a lot going for it, I'm going to keep watching the show and writing about it, but the next episode needs to be a lot more gripping and deep than this one was.


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