The 15 Greatest Opening Credit Sequences - Part 1

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There was a post last week over at Alan's site which got me thinking about my favourite opening sequences, I sat down. Spewed out my favoutires and ended up with 15 that really stood out on my memory. So I thought I'd post about them here and thanks to the wonder of YouTube I can even provide videos so you too can marvel at the good old days where opening credits could be in excess of ten seconds long.

I'm going to break this one into three parts as other wise this would be one heck of a list. Please, feel free to agree or disagree with any of the opening credits listed here and tell me any of your favourites. I'd love to watch other opening credit videos as well if you want to put them in the comments sections.

If they don't appear to work properly on the main page (which they do not in my browser) click on the title link and they should work in the seperate page.

The A-Team

Actually finding this video was a heck of a task in itself, it seems everyone and their grandma wants to remake their own version of this theme. Not really surprising, it is an absolute classic. Saturday evenings back in my childhood were spent around my Grandparents house and this was the climax of the visit. Sitting down and forcing everyone else to watch The A-Team was just great, I'm still not sure if my sister actually enjoyed watching it as well or just watched because she had too.

Captain Scarlet

Sure Thunderbirds and Sting Ray also had excellent opening credits, but Captain Scarlet is where it's at. Combining just the right amount of creepy mystery with awesomeness it sums up everything you need to know about the show right there.


A complete spoof of the low budget horror genre Darkplace manages to lampoon multiple shows in it's opening credits and sticks with it's style perfectly. It's great fun working out what shows are referenced in the various scenes.

Dead Like Me

A great show with a cracking set of opening credits that really set the tone for the rest of the show. I'm very fond of the off-beat piano that keeps everything light and enjoyable, but I also like the entire "Reapers amongst the living unseen" click this intro has.


Highlighting the violence of everyday actions with a series of disturbing camera angles Dexter's opening sequence is always a delight to watch. All scored to a fantastic theme composed by Rolfe Kent (While I'm at it Daniel Licht composes a lot of the other tunes and is worth a listen), the dark humour present in the show is here in spades.

Part 2 is here and Part 3 is here


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  1. MediumRob 15 September 2008 at 18:04
    We had a go at this one a while back, and also here. But that was all pre-Dexter, and I definitely add that in there now, so good choice.
  2. Aaron 15 September 2008 at 23:22
    Props for the Captain Scarlet love. It's truly one of the greatest title sequences ever.

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