The 15 Greatest Opening Credit Sequences - Part 2

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Continued from part 1.


I love this one so much I learnt to play it on guitar, it's a bit of a party piece of mine - well when there are spades of total TV/Sci-Fi/Joss Whedon dorks around it is anyway. It's a great song and that's the thing which turns this opening from average into something special.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This is the extended version of this classic opening, it also has the lyrics - just in case you didn't already know most of them.

Homicide:Life on the street

This one is just a classic, it sets the tone for the show beautifully with stark black and white images and a dark tune mixed with radio chatter. It just evokes the feel of noir and the show.

Police Squad

While the Naked Gun openers are more commonly known I'm very fond of the Police Squad version. I especially enjoy the Abrham Lincon and Special Guest Star death each week. Now in colour!

The Prisoner

Is it surprising this one has made it onto the list? It's brilliant. I wonder if the remake will have something as good...

This series climaxes in part three!


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