The 15 Greatest Opening Credit Sequences - Part 3

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Continued from Part 2

Six Feet Under

Along with Dexter I think this is one of the finest on this list. It's stark, beautiful and disturbing, just like the show

Sledge Hammer

This one's on here for the sheer 80s cheese brilliance of it. Sledge Hammer never pretended to be a clever show, but the opening sequence is fantastic. A series of close angle shots of Sledge's gun followed by a delivery of his catch phrase and some poor gun acting. It's just great.

Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister

Not only does this one have exactly the right tune playing, it's also a piece of art as those caricatures of the cast are sketched up while you watch. Great stuff, again one I remember from my childhood as my parents watched it religiously.

The Wire

Season One

Season Five

I've included two of them here, my two favourite renditions of the opening sequence, which are Season 1 and Season 5. Honestly I don't know which version of the intro theme I love more, the Blind Boys of Alabama's one (Season One) is the first one I heard and I own the album it came from but Steve Earl's rendition just manages to feel even bleaker but remains catchy.

The 4400

Was this song made for the show specifically? It just fits so well, it's beautiful, sorrowfull and every single scene in it screams of abduction. It's a real shame this show didn't get the exposure it deserved.

So how about it? Agree? Disagree? Have I missed anything?


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