DVDs in Review #8 - The Shield: Season 3

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Season Three is the longest of all The Shield's seasons at 15 Episodes. But, unlike many shows that have an increased episode count for a season it doesn't drop a single ball. Every episode remains as brutal, brilliant and ballsy as you'd expect from this seminal show. The action continues from the massive events of the previous season and continuity is observed closely, the long running plots of the season include dealing with the strike team's success in the previous season, a rapist who targets old women, Vic's continued domestic problems, Aceveda's political ambitions and more. Of the main characters it feels like Julien's stories takes something of a backseat in a lot of this season, but he's still present and accounted for.
There are also some incredible scenes in this season, it's one of the hardest to watch at times because of what's happening to the characters in it.



Despite being released (in the UK) several years after the first two seasons were, the packaging is a perfect match for the previous two seasons, it has it's own unique artwork and style, but overall it looks great on the shelf with the others. Consistency in style and small size are two things I value highly in DVD packaging. It looks great and matches up without being oversized, everything I could have asked for.



With Season three of The Shield, the extras have been a little better placed than the previous seasons, the deleted scenes are now located with the relevant episode. So you can watch the episode and then immediately watch the deleted scenes. Thumbs up for that change. Some of the commentaries are better than others, as always. But the single best extra is the "Making of" which is utterly brilliant and pushes it ahead of the previous two seasons.



Season three is now available for a very respectable £15, with it's additional episodes increasing the amount of action and viewing you're getting without sacrificing the quality this is nothing but good times. It works out as 572 minutes at 2.6p per minute. That's a superb deal for a superb show.



Show - 10
Packaging - 9
Extras - 9
Price - 10

Final Score: 95%

That's an incredible score, meaning this season has moved itself into the top slot by a massive margin. I'm not sure if the next three seasons can match that, but we'll see.


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  1. Anonymous 17 January 2009 at 11:05
    the whole episodes of season 3 are awesome so i already have owned the DVD of season 3 except of this the episodes of other season's episodes i use free download the shield episodes.
  2. jeff 8 March 2011 at 11:39
    I have seen just few episodes of this show. Actually mine favorite is Power Rangers TV Show. I am very much crazy about toys of power rangers too.

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