Dexter - 305 - Turning Biminese

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I've finally put my finger on the root cause of my malaise where Dexter's third season has been concerned. It lays not with the show at all, it's my curiosity combined with that inappropriately titled news item at As such I've already known the direction the season was taking, I still know the further direction at this point. Watching the show after having it unintentionally spoiled has reduced the impact of the show greatly.

I'd like to direct you to Dan's excellent review in lieu of a full one from myself, because it was very difficult for me to get excited about the big reveal at the end of this episode. Instead I shall just be bullet pointing a few of the things I did enjoy in this episode.

The short version is, the episode was very good. Easily the best one so far this season.

Read in short about fishing, character development and bullet points beyond the link...

• First of all, I'm thrilled with the direction they've taken Vince this season, I hope the colder and harder Vince remains around. Using him as a throwaway joke/pervert/clown was a real shame. He's better than that. A nice mix between the two would do.

• Jimmy Smits is just fantastic as Prado, I hope his final fate this season doesn't match the fates of Brian, Lila and Doakes in the previous two seasons. He has the potential to be a very interesting point in both Dexter's life and the series as a whole.

• Debs side story is still pretty lame, mostly because of Quinn and the terrible guy they have playing the CI, I really don't care for either of them at all. There seems to be some kind of strange love interest angle they're trying to push at with regards to her and the CI. Ugh, talk about cliched, trite and a lack of chemistry...

• Sadly likewise with Angel's storyline involving the vice cop, it was pretty predictable that it would go this way. Hopefully they have a little something more for him then just a plain ordinary 'chase the pretty lady' romance plot. David Zayas deserves a stronger plot to match his abilities.

• I'm liking the direction between Rita and Dexter, moving them closer together is just great.

• Last of all, hooray that the events in the show have almost reached the point that was spoilered. I'm tired of knowing what's up ahead, I want to be surprised by this show - just like the first two seasons which had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.

Overall, it was an excellent episode. My own experiences of this show have just been horribly tainted, I can't let that reflect badly on Dexter. It's not the fault of the show.


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  1. Dan 29 October 2008 at 09:40
    Thanks for the link. So, was this the big spoiler revealed by Hmm, I had a sneaking suspicion it could go this way, to be honest. But I can see how this knowledge would have tainted the series for you 'till now. In some ways I hope Dex has an accomplice for real, and it'll be Ramon who is the problem. He might somehow discover Dexter killed their brother, and both men will come after Dex for personal revenge without involving the cops. And will Miguel deduce that Dex must have been the Bay Harbour Butcher, too?
  2. Rev-Views 29 October 2008 at 10:22
    I wish I could say that it only spoilered this far, it doesn. Sadly the news item spoilered further into the season than this. But as always I won't talk about the other things it revealed until after they happened.
  3. MysterLynch 30 October 2008 at 02:53
    The ending rocked me. I really look forward to seeing where things go.

    We have Dexter feeling like somebody might actually be accepting him.

    We have the continuation of the evolution of Dexter's emotions. I like the way they do this: Dexter clearly has emotions, but does not completely understand them.

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