Welcome to Earth's Mightiest Television

By Rev/Views

Well, first of all welcome to the birth of a new blog. The hope with this is to provide a place where I can talk about my one of my greatest loves. Stories, specifically stories told in the medium of television.

In my opinion there is little else in the human experience that rivals the television series as a medium for story telling. Books are the only thing that stand up and above TV as a method for the telling of stories. But personally I prefer the television show, the book is more an individual's story while TV shows are collaborative efforts with input from not just the writer(s) but from a whole host of people. And I prefer the results.

Of course this is not to say that films, books and spoken word are inferior methods. They're not, but this is not about those mediums. It's about television.

As for the structure to this, it will be rather haphazard; at times I'll write about single episodes in recently released shows, at other times I'll talk about seasons as a whole or shows from the past. The one thing they will all have in common is that I've watched them and they've elicited some kind of emotion from me. Not all shows I watch are shows that I love, in fact it's rare that I accept a show 100% without pondering about it's flaws or shortfalls. I guess in someways I'm a wanna-be critic at heart, but I prefer to think of myself as a consumer of quality TV.

I think that's enough for an introduction, it's time for me to go watch some TV!


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