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Probably old news for some. But I've only just discovered that Dead Like Me will be returning in the form of at least one direct to DVD movie. Something that Futurama (yay!) is also doing this year.

I'm excited about it, but a little disappointed that.
a) Mandy Patkin is not attached to the film. Bad Mandy!
b) Laura Harris has been replaced by Sarah Wynter for the role of Daisy.

Now the first one isn't too bad, as long as they don't completely write the character of Rube out of the series. At least leave a window for him guys...

The second one is a disaster imo, Daisy wasn't really that essential a character anyway. She could easily have been replaced with another female lead, instead we have a horrible soap opera 'body swap' situation.

I'm not sure this is going to work out well or not. But I'll certainly pick it up as I adore Ellen Muth.

On a slight side note. Mandy Patkin needs to stop walking out on stuff, I was going to take up watching Criminal Minds because he was in it. Now I've found out he walked out on season 3 despite being one of the leads. Damn it Mandy, you're a fantastic actor and a complete draw to any show for me. But you keep abandoning them...


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