Prison Break S3

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I'm finding the various attempts to include Sara Tancredi into the opening plot while the actress Sarah Wayne Callies is unavailable (due to her pregnancy) highly amusing. It feels more like they're trying to conceal a sudden (and really, really bad) plot twist where the girl kidnapped turns out to not be the real thing. We're getting views from behind, of feet and even bad photographs that are obviously not her. I half expected Schofield to toss the photo on the floor and whinge "It's not her." Then look pathetically at his brother and whine about how the writers have halved the level of his intelligence between each season.

[Seriously, you can watch his IQ drop from episode to episode. Starting with the "What do we do now?" "We run." moment at the end of season one. What use are your tattoos now Mikey?]

While I'm writing about PB, there needs to be more Lincon Burrows smash puny humans moments in this season. They were the best parts of season 2 and the events in Monday's episodes were awesome. He's a wrecking machine and as such I want to see Dominic Purcell placed into a western, cop or criminal film. Heck, anything where he can have a fight in a bar and dump people through tables would do me just fine. There's something so entertaining about his completely roughhouse brawling method of 'Throw myself at the bad guys full tilt.'


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