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[This post certainly contains spoilers - about Prison Break and House M.D.]

Ok well I wanted to wait a while and see what direction several shows were taking before I posted about them. I've now watched the first 4 eps of PB and 3 of Heroes, not enough to know exactly what direction they're planning, but enough to get a taste. House I'm still undecided on, I'm loving the idea of a new team (plus keeping the original team around in different roles) but I'm worried they're just going to put the original team back together after a while. I prefer the team of ridiculously old, old fraud, mormon, evil bitch and #13 over Foreman, Cameron and Chase.

I'll start with:

Prison Break - S3 Eps 1 - 4
First of all, it seems I spoke too soon about the Sarah Tancredi situation. After the end of episode 3 I was pretty sure we were facing a homage of 'Se7en' aka head in a box and it turns out we were. So apparently Sarah is dead and Lincon is keeping it from Michael. I say apparently because honestly I'm not convinced yet.

There are two options here, first of all. She's dead, gone and that's it. Quite likely, because how many people come back from being beheaded and having their bonce express mailed to the brother of the man you love? Prison Break has already set the trend of doing this, Veronica was just gunned down in the early stages of Season 2. Prison Break is a major sausage-fest, women in the show either disappear, leave quickly or die. Killing off Sarah is just following the form of the misogynistic tendencies of the writers - "Kill off the pretty women, give us sweaty men!"
On the other hand, Sarah is a major character. Both in the previous plotting and fan-base. I've not checked the various fan sites to see the reactions too this, but I'm betting they're not happy. Especially the Michael-Sarah love fans. It's a pretty poor way to wipe her character out of the show, and there is a possibility that she'll make a return and the whole thing will have been faked. Lincon isn't the smartest cookie and the Company may have fooled him with, say a death mask. They'd certainly have access to that kind of material and skill.
This theory is of course exceedingly unlikely - reports indicate she was going to get killed off this season anyway and her pregnancy just sped the process.

Prison Break has been floundering since the final episode of season one. Season 2, while entertaining was not the same show as season one. Not by any stretch of the imagination. So many elemental parts were lost or made meaningless. Schofield's tatoos, Fibonachi, Sarah, Veronica, etc. But most notable is the complete loss of Michaels intelligence. Since he uttered the words "We run!" at the end of Season 1 he's gotten as dumb as a post. Admittedly a post that women like to lust after (shame he can't take his shirt off anymore eh ladies?), but a seriously dumb one.

Does this sound like the Michael Schofield in season 2?
"Michael has been clinically diagnosed with low latent inhibition, a condition in which his brain is more open to incoming stimuli in the surrounding environment. As a result he is unable to block out peripheral information and instead processes every aspect and detail of any given stimulus. This, combined with a high IQ, as a psychiatrist explains in the episode "Tweener", theoretically makes him a creative genius."
(From wikipedia's entry on Michael Schofield)

He's pretty much lost all of that ability - but it seems (in the latest episode) it's come back somewhat. He seems to have a plan and an ability to pay attention/second guess people. Well people who aren't Mahone anyway... Ok, he's out-thought Bellick, maybe that's nothing to shout home about after all. T-Bag already managed it in season 2...
Anyway, at least there is some hope that his season one character has returned. Because while it is entertaining watching Dominic Purcell run around and look perplexed as Lincon there needs to be more.

So I'm interested and disappointed in Prison Break, they've failed to innovate or evolve and instead have returned to old habits (prisons, killing female cast members). But they've also failed to keep the good parts. Maybe it'll change, Dominic and Robert Knepper (T-Bag) will keep me watching for a while yet.

Oh, and as a brief aside. I really hope that Robert Wisdom's role in Prison Break doesn't stop him coming back for the final season of 'The Wire'. 'The Wire' > 'Prison Break' and I'd love to see him at least guest star in it's swan song season.

Season so far 6.5/10


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