Shows you should watch before you die...

By Rev/Views

There are some shows that are truely special, they stand head and shoulders above the rest of television. Over the next few posts I'll talk about a few of them that I've watched and why I think they're must watch shows. But for now I shall just provide a short list, in part to get them down in black and white and in part to allow me a bit of time to work out how exactly to rave about each one.

In no particular order:
1. The Shield
2. The Wire
3. Dexter
4. Firefly
5. House M.D.
6. Venture Bros
7. Arrested Development
8. Seinfeld
9. Dead Like Me
10. Family Guy
11. Futurama
12. Heroes
13. Doctor Who
14. Nip/Tuck
15. Prison Break
16. Six Feet Under
17. The Office (USA)
18. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
19. Fraiser
20. Red Dwarf
21. Green Wing
22. Sharpe
23. Black Books
24. Spaced
25. Boston Legal
26. Band of Brothers
27. Phoenix Nights/Max & Paddy
28. Carnivale
29. The Scarlet Pimpernel (BBC)
30. Casanova (BBC)

*Phew* That's a lot of TV and I haven't listed everything I could have. I am going to acknowledge that there a few missing from the list that some people would feel should be on there; Lost, Simpsons and 24 for example. One day I'll explain why they're not on this list.


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