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Well I promised myself I'd come up with something to get me posting again. The TV industry certainly isn't providing much worth talking about, I would write about "The Wire" but I'm happier waiting until it finishes before I look back on the whole thing in reflection.

Instead I'm going to be reviewing the various TV DVDs that I can get my hands on. I shan't go that deeply into the shows as I'm going to be concentrating more on what you get for your money. Each DVD will be rated on the following:

The key points I'll be looking at are the artwork, elegance of use, robustness,

I'll be noting any extras added, commentary, easter eggs, deleted scenes and the like. Stuff that you don't really need to enjoy the DVD but sometimes it's nice to have.

The Show itself will get a short review, most of the time I'm going to be talking about shows I like so for the most part these will rate well.

Very simply I'll look at the recommended retail price and work out how much you pay per episode and minute. Then I'll use some complex equations to factor in how enjoyable the show is and it will result in a number between 1 and 10. (10 being best value possible per minute).

Then I'll put down an overall average score out of 10.


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