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Because the Emmys and Golden Globes are frankly bull I've decided that every year on the 26th of March I will nominate my own 'bests' of TV (one per day) and then name the winners seperately. I would go with nominations from others, but I have no readership. Woo! So it's just me.

Here's the first category and nominations:

Biggest badass on screen

1. Michael C. Hall as Dexter ( Dexter - Season 2)

Dexter has just gone from strength to strength as a character. He's not afraid to kill and he's not even afraid of being caught. In fact he looks on his capture as inevitable, but that doesn't bother him. He keeps doing his thang.

2. Michael Chiklis as Vic Mackey (The Shield - Season 6)

Michael Chiklis just has being a bad ass right down. Vic Mackey was out of control in season 6, and for good reason. Vic on full tilt is something that has to be seen to believe

3. Jamie Hector as Marlo Stanfield (The Wire - Season 5)

Marlo is a cold customer, he has no problem ordering people to get dropped. And while he doesn't pull the trigger himself, it's clear that he would if he thought it was needed. Also, Marlo in a rage is biblical - like DeNiro's Capone with a baseball bat.

4. Jeffery Donovan as Michael Western (Burn Notice - Season 1)
Michael Western is a spy, he's not afraid to get the job done and has the know how to do it. While Burn Notice doesn't have much of a body count as it's a lighter show overall, he's still got 'it' when he needs it. In spades.

5. David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who - 2007 series)
For the most part the tenth Doctor is a pretty bubbly and friendly chap. But Human Nature and Family of Blood showed us just how hard and badass he could be. As the show is essentially a kids show it tends to be light and keep the Doctor as a friendly character, but the scenes as he turned towards 'The Family' and the individual, eternal punishments that he inflicted on each member showed just how deep his wrath can go. It's so effective because most of the time he's willing to forgive, but once you cross the line his anger knows no bounds.

6. Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama (BSG - Season 3)
Season three of BSG was a very spotty one, it had moments of sheer brilliance followed by episodes that were just all kinds of suck. Consistent throughout all of it was the power and edge that Commander Adama held. He's the uncompromising knife point at the front of the fleet, willing to do what it takes for humanity to survive, even if he loses his own in the first place.

7. Damien Lewis as Charlies Crews (Life - Season 1)
Crews has spent a long time in prison, he was a cop before he went into prison as well. It's well known that cops in prison have a rough time of it. Crews did what he needed to survive, he came out of it in a very peculiar manner. He's clearly a very hard individual, driven and determined. But he's tempered himself by following zen buddist principles, or at least trying to do so. But when push comes to shove he will set those aside and do what must. Life is a fantastic show to watch and Damien Lewis's performance is the reason for this.

Seven nominations and while I thought I knew who'd win going into this I'm not so sure now I've written about each of them. I will need time to think about this.


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  1. Bunnymonster 26 March 2008 at 15:54
    Good list...

    Maybe make room for Aaron Stanford as Will Traveller and Lennie James as Robert Hawkins...?
  2. Earth's Mightiest Yak 26 March 2008 at 16:22
    I'd need to watch more of Traveller and Jericho before I could do that. When I heard about them being canned I stopped watching them and I hadn't seen that much.

    I was going to go back and watch Jericho sometime this year, but then it got canned a second time so I'm not sure if I want to invest in shows that end prematurely...
  3. Bunnymonster 29 March 2008 at 03:55
    Jericho has an ending, kind of a quick rushed end of a mini-arc kind of ending, but it does conclude.

    Worth watching but not buying, unless it's on discount or you are desperate...
  4. Anonymous 30 March 2008 at 18:26
    My vote goes to Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews. Life is the best new network serial drama that I've seen in years and Damian Lewis is outstanding!

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