Top 50 Shows - Number 3

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First of "The Big Three" it's everyone's favourite serial killer!

3. Dexter (2006 - ?)

"Takes life. Seriously."

24 Episodes, renewed for a third season.

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan
Julie Benz as Rita Bennett
Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan
Erik King as Sgt. James Doakes
Lauren Vélez as Lt. Maria Laguerta
David Zayas as Angel Batista
James Remar as Harry Morgan
C.S. Lee as Vince Matuska

Dexter works for the Miami PD as a forensic blood splatter analysist geek by trade. But Dexter has another side to him, a dark secret. He's a sociopath who hunts down and kills other sociopaths. On the outside he is perfectly charming (if a little odd), living a seemingly normal life complete with a steady job and girlfriend. But it's all a mask to conceal his true nature.

Dexter is a show that challenges the perceptions of the viewer, it asks you "Is a monster who preys exclusively on his own kind acceptable?" In some ways it's almost old testament biblical as Dexter really does personify 'an eye for an eye'. Saving the lives of innocents by taking the guilty. Dexter (as portrayed by Michael C. Hall) is a charming and likable lead character he interacts in a pleasant, but often ironic way with his co-workers and his narration shows a great sense of humor about his situation.

Michael C. Hall is just outstanding as Dexter, but the performances from his co-stars (and I do mean all of them listed here) are also stupendous. The entire cast just seems to love their roles in this show and all of them play their parts to perfection. From the foul mouthed girl with a heart (Debra) through the dirty minded technician (Matuska) to the supicious ex-army sergeant (Doakes) the entire cast feels organic and alive. Even the characters without too much depth to them still fit and don't feel out of place.

It's not a show for everyone, it's graphic, violent and challenging. The average joe might find it rather uncomfortable to watch, but if you can get over the dark subject matter there is a real gem of a show here.

imdb: 9.1 9.2
(It was 9.4 for a while, but suffers from "show score envy" where fans of other shows attack a show to reduce it's score below their own prize pony.)


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  2. chris 24 July 2009 at 09:38
    it is my favorite show every thging about dexter tv show is just perfect as told in this post Michael C. Hall has done a great job as dexter

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