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Inspired by Empire's top 50 shows ever (brought to my attention by LJ user Jaxvor) I've decided to list the Top 50 Shows I've ever watched. My current top 50 so to speak, as it's possible others may creep in one day.

To start with I'm going to list Honorable mentions. Shows that didn't make the cut and why. Here's the first 5 honorable mentions. There is a possibility of mild spoilers.

Prison Break:
Prison Break's first season was phenomenal, I literally watched the first 9 episodes back to back and was blown away by how incredible the show was. Even after the show returned from it's break and finished the first season it was amazing. But the end of the first season struggled a little, then the second season arrived and things slid downhill. By the end of the second season Michael was locked back up inside and I tried to watch the third season but gave up early on as it was just retreding old ground and becoming a major sausage-fest. Historically Prison Break is the most misogynistic show in current TV, more so than even 24 - but season three was too much. As it's a show I turned away from it can't make the top 50, as for me - it jumped the shark.

That brings us nicely along to the second culprit of shark jumping. 24 had a phenomenal first and second season. I still love George Mason and his redemption in season 2, but by the time I got to season three things were already falling into a tired old rut. I got so fed up with things that I actually stopped watching about 4 episodes away from the end of the season and decided to read what happens from now on via wikipedia. It's less painful that way.
Additionally, I dislike Jack Bauer and find him unsympathetic. As he's the only non-disposable character in the show it's very hard to get attached to anyone or anything because 24 might just rip it away from you... Tony!

Jaxvor summed it up well "Probably one of the stupidest shows ever. It also contains some of the most awesome moments ever." Sadly I can't be bothered waiting for the awesome moments to happen.

Here's another show that jumped the shark, I adored the first season. Then immeditately hated the second season. I'm going to watch it once I know how it finishes... A bit odd I know, but I want to know if it has a good ending that makes sense before I slug my way through it again. I could go into it in more detail but basically it has the same problems the two above shows have.

Doctor Who (2005+):
I love Doctor Who, but it's not actually a good show as such. I think the main reason I can't put it in my top shows is the consistency. Doctor Who has some incredible acting talent in it, David Tennant is pushing hard to become my favourite Doctor and all of the companions so far have been most excellent. But the writing really lacks, a lot of the time it's just empty and feels like the writers had a great idea, but lost it along the way. I went through the list of episodes so far and here are the ones I enjoyed.

Fathers Day
The Empty Child
The Doctor Dances
School Reunion
The Girl in the Fireplace
Human Nature
Family of Blood

Most of these Episodes are written by Paul Cornell and Steven Moffat, if more of Doctor Who was written by these two the series would rise up and become one of the greatest, but it isn't. Too much of it is written by Russell T. "LOL DOCTOR R GOD" Davies. And the man is just not a sci-fi writer. He's a hack...

ftr, Blink is one of the best episodes of any show I've seen ever. More Mofatt please BBC, put him in charge of the show.

I freaking love the A-Team. I grew up on this stuff, it was the climax of Saturday evenings around my Grandparents house and the thing I always looked forward to watching. I have many fond memories of the entire family sat around the TV as jeeps got blown up, machine guns were fired into the air, windows, buildings and floor while men miraculously survived explosions with nothing more than dirty trousers.

But, the thing is. I know it's not a good show by critical terms. It used the same formula every week and you could almost predict the plot by drawing a set of pre-written cards out of a hat.
Still, that said. It's still immensely fun to watch!

Tune in soon for the remaining honorable mentions, maybe a DVD review of The Shield S4, some Edgies and of course... the Top 50 itself.


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