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I'm busy until Thursday so there won't be any updates. But I'm planning to do a few things when I get back. Here's the plan as it stands.

With all the shows finishing around this time I'm going to run a brief eye over the highs and lows of the various series I watched. Not only looking at what was enjoyable but what just didn't work. This TV season has had some very sketchy moments thanks in part to the writers strike.

Thoughts on Supernatural, which I both like and dislike intensely.

Spin-offs; the very best, the worst and the ones that should have happened but didn't. It's fair to say I have a love/hate relationship with spin offs. I think they're a lousy idea, but I do like some of them.

‣ At least one more Exceedingly Excellent Episode, so I can justify the existence of it's link over there ->

‣ A "Why you should watch..." on Arrested Development,

Other stuff, I'm open to suggestions here.


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