The Middleman - Episode 2

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As I try not to judge a series soley on the merits of a single episode, especially not the pilot episode I've just finished watching the second episode and the conclusion is. It's growing on me.

In the second episode a mud landslide in a Chinese restaurant results in the wild pursit of a terracotta earth elemental before it manages to cause the end of the world. Along the way WW and The Middleman encounter some fashion designer succubus's and travel to the underworld. We also learn a little more about The Middleman and Wendy's history.

While the special effects are still shoestring budget, the rest of the show has hit a more confident stride. Matt Kesslar (The Middleman) has settled into his role and appears a lot more comfortable and natural than he was in the pilot episode and the other core cast members have continued to put in solid performances.

It helps to think of the show as a live action cartoon, much like Dick Tracy or The Mask. This goes a long way towards making it work for me. It's all very silly with humour similar to the kind in 'The Tick'.

It was rather enjoyable and the series shows promise if it continues to grow in this fashion.


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