Dexter - Season 3 Promo

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A short promo for Dexter season 3 went up on DM yesterday. Here it is in all it's (brief) glory.

In case you didn't watch it before here's the other season 3 trailer from the end of season 2:
There's not really that much new material in this one at all, but it's time to start getting excited about Dexter's return.

I'm still concerned that the show might take a similar direction to the one the third book did, I really hope that this is not the case as the third book was terrible and switched genres from crime to lovecraftian fantasy. But hopefully the writers of the show noticed the poor reception that book got and just give us more of the brilliance we've seen in the first two seasons.


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  1. MysterLynch 26 July 2008 at 04:51
    As I understand it, this season steps away from the novels.

    Jimmy Smits character appears very cool. I am really looking forward to this season.

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