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Burn Notice review this evening when I get back from work and watch it. It might be a little shorter than the previous ones because I have around ten thousand words to write by the thirteenth elsewhere. But I'll try to do the awesome show justice.

Anyway, I've woken up far to early for work so I'm going to do something productive in the extra hour I have left. It's that time of year for me, the one where I closely scrutinise the upcoming fall lineup and decide what to watch and what to let fall by.

And here they are (with comments).


Prison Break - Miss
(Premieres September 1st)
I loved the first season of Prison Break, it was amazing. But I stopped watching halfway through the third season (shortly after Sarah died because the series lost whatever chemistry it had left) and even the teaser trailer suggesting they've brought her back isn't enough to make me return to the show. It's just gone on too long now and I want it to finish.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Maybe
(Premieres September 8th)
I found the first season surprisingly enjoyable and as I've always been a fan of Terminator 1 + 2 I'm certainly going to watch this when it's shown over here in Blighty. But it's not top of my list and I won't be upset if I don't see it.

Heroes - Hit!
(Premieres September 22nd)
Yes last season was rather weak, yes I'm annoyed that it seems Nathan Petrelli has survived being killed off yet again *YAWN*! But I'm still going to watch it and keep watching it as long as Sylar and Noah stay in the show. It's their performances I watch the show for as they are the most interesting characters there.

How I Met Your Mother - Hit!
(Premieres September 22nd)
No doubt about it, I love this show with a passion and I'm thrilled it's going to a fourth season. Neil Patrick Harris is a television god. This is one of the best comedy shows on television right now.

Boston Legal - Hit!
(Premieres September 22nd)
Yes, last season wasn't the strongest season of Boston Legal and yes, it's gotten weaker as time goes on. But this is the final hurrah for Denny, Alan, Jerry and the gang. Boston Legal has suffered immensely from it's cast changes and really it's become a victim of it's own switching about. But ultimately I want to see how it all ends and I know it will be fun to watch.

Life - Hit!
(Premieres September 29th)
Last season this was the surprise break out hit show for me personally and I've been looking forward to seeing the second season all year. Damien Lewis is a fantastic actor and the show manages to provide interesting cases, strong meta plot and just an overall fun experience to watch. Plus it has Zen Buddhism teachings!


Fringe - Holding Judgement
(Premieres September 9th)
Sorry, but JJ's work has flopped one too many times for me to even consider watching this. I'm predicting one good season followed by 3-4 ones of complete tripe. I'll just watch Regenesis instead.
(Edit: Dan's convinced me to give this one a few more episodes before I judge on this one.)

House - Hit!
(Premieres September 16th)
After last season how could I not watch? I want to see how the new team develops and David Shore has even promised to bring back Chase and Cameron for a little more screen time this season. Hugh Laurie is fantastic, now I just wish they'd give Stephen Fry a guest starring spot in the show for an episode (yeah, yeah, I know... Stunt casting, but who cares?)

The Shield - Hit! Hit! Hit!
(Premieres September 2nd)
This is the show I've been waiting for all year. I'm both simultaneously excited that it's almost here and sad because it'll be all over for good soon. The Shield is my favourite show on television and it was the gateway show that brought me full on into the world of television watching. I absolutely love The Shield and I've been waiting to see how it all ends since the last season finished.


Bones - Hit! (sort of)
(Premieres September 3rd)
I'm actually going to wait until this is out on DVD before I watch it. I like watching Bones on DVD, but it's not high enough on my important list to watch as it comes out. Basically it's getting pushed aside till a later date because I already have too many other shows to watch.


My Name is Earl - Hit!
(Premieres September 25th)
Last season was a bit of a roller coaster ride; at times it was brilliant and at times not so exciting. But overall the experience was most enjoyable and I think the show is so well written that I'd be crazy not to watch it.

Supernatural - Hit!
(Premieres September 18th)
I was completely blown away by how good Supernatural turned out to be (see here) and the 3rd season comes out here in the UK just in time for me to get on board with the 4th season. So I certainly will do so (and then get it on DVD and watch it again).

The Office - Hit!
(Premieres September 25th)
I love The Office and I can't wait to watch more. Since the second season it's never had a bad episode.

30 Rock - Hit!
(Premieres October 30th)
I recently reviewed the first season of 30 Rock and I'm keenly awaiting the second one on DVD. So of course I'll be watching the third season!

Life on Mars - Miss
(Premieres October 9th)
I'm sorry, I know I should probably watch this. But I'm just not interested in yet another remake. Even if the amazing Harvey Keitel is attached to the show; I'm sure I'd enjoy it but I can't bring myself to watch this. Maybe one day I'll watch it on DVD instead.

True Blood - Maybe
(Premieres September 7th)
I haven't decided about this one, it should be good. It's Alan Ball and HBO, they gave us Six Feet Under, but the pilot episode seemed a little lackluster and the concept is... uninspiring. I might let it fall by the wayside and then catch up in the summer.

Dexter - Hit! Hit! Hit!
(Premieres September 28th)
The first season was ball-shockingly amazing and the second season was so good it could make you super-fertile just through the act of watching it so you'd have to be utterly deranged to want to miss out on the third season. Once The Shield is gone from our screens this will probably be the best show we have. I cannot wait for this one.

Family Guy - Hit! (sort of)
(Premieres September 28th)
I'm looking forward to seeing "Something, something, something dark side" as Blue Harvest was amazing. The rest of the season I'll watch out of loyalty (and because it's occasionally still funny). But I'm not exactly hanging off the edge of my chair waiting for this one.

American Dad - Hit!
(Premieres September 28th)
It's like Family Guy, but right now it's just better.

Is there anything you think I should be watching? Do you agree or disagree? I'd love to hear your opinions, so speak up!

(In case I haven't mentioned your favourite show the full tv.com listing guide of the fall season is here)


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