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Here's this week's collected Shield reviews.

First up is the one from 2GuysTalking. It seems they don't share my shining opinion of how awesome Billings is.

A short one from Tom R at TheTwoCents.

This weeks imdb one is laid out in a different fashion when compared to last week. That's what happens when you have multiple people providing the input. I do appreciate the bold headings for each section, it makes for easy scan reading to the part(s) you're interested in.

Jonathan Toomey has his review of the second episode up at TVSquad. This week's poll is looking into which of the two gang kingpins will cotton onto Vic's antics first.

Alan Sepinwall is of course continuing with his reviews here. As always there's plenty of interesting action in the comments section.

There is just the one review on I guess the buzz about the show has gone or something. They're a fickle bunch who don't even have The Wire in the top 100 shows by rating, so what do they know? (imdb on the other hand have taste)

I have to include this one from over at IGN as the subtitle just cracks me up. "Wants to be more wanted." Ha!

Actual content ahead! Burn Notice Review will be up either tomorrow or later today depending on my schedule plus I have a little list I want to put together maybe I'll get to it on Sunday.


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