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I could write about the first episode of How I Met Your Mother's latest season, but that will have to wait until the end of the week round up. I also could write about Mad Men and how it's captivated my attention, but I need to finish watching the first season before I even start commenting and I'm only on the sixth episode of the first season right now.

So instead I'm going to sit down and promote the various blogs I like to read without any shame at all. It'll also give me a chance to return the favours of linkage from a few people. I'll go alphabetically as that seems a fair way to do it:

Charlie Brooker
Brooker's work is one of my pleasures, the man has almost zero tolerance for poor television and is very graphic about expressing it. Whether he is on TV or writing he always raises a chuckle out of me, I find his style very frank and honest. I also enjoy some of the reactions he provokes from readers/viewers. Positive or negative, if you're getting responses out of people you're engaging them.

Crimespree Cinema
I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of Crimespree Cinema. It was one of the first TV/Media Blogs I followed before starting my own and now I even get to write on it occasionally, yeah the preambles that link to my own reviews of Burn Notice & The Shield are mine. I have to thank Jeremy Lynch for giving me that opportunity, I should also thank him for keeping me up to date with a lot of media news that would otherwise pass me by. It's probably obvious by now, but I mostly live in a world of DVDs and as such my finger is far from the pulse when it comes to media events/new releases etc. I have to rely on others for that.

Dan's Media Digest
Typically Dan would go on holiday just as I decide to plug him *shakes fist*, but no matter. I shall do so in his absence. I find Dan's insights invaluable because there is an intersection between our taste in shows but he also enjoys a broader spread of genres than I write about. He also keeps up with films as well as TV, which means I can look a little informed when I make the decision about what film to watch when we go out. Before I finish I'll also plug his work over at newslite.tv.

I really, really like and enjoy Life a lot and a while back my Why You Should Watch feature on Life was linked to by the guys at Damian-Lewis.com. A part of my text was even quoted, in context no less! So I'd like to take the opportunity to repay the favour, if you've enjoyed Life in the past and you're exciting about the upcoming season then their site is the place to be. If you're not familiar with the show have a read through my article and see what the fuss is about. If you have no idea who Damian Lewis is, hang your head in shame and go buy/rent Band of Brothers.

The Medium is Not Enough
Rob has great taste, his blog is actively pro-Welsh for one; this is something I must admit mine fails at, mostly because I'm embarrassed by a lot of the TV that comes from BBC Wales. It's also one of the two places I get my Doctor Who fix and one of the three places I tend to get my information about British TV, mostly because I'm barely connected with the UK TV schedules. Heck I couldn't even remember to watch Top Gear when it was on this season, and I love that show! But thanks to Rob's tireless efforts I'm actually aware of shows like No Heroics and I've never thanked him for his writing convinving me to give Gavin and Stacey a go.

Mystery Book Spot
I noticed this one from the handy little links to post feature that sits at the bottom of my posts and I've since gone back quite a few times. I'd like to thank Brian for the linking and also for providing other links to stuff that I've enjoyed reading, posts like this which was worth a good chuckle. (Speaking of which, I think I've mostly avoided using any of those words - only two mentions of Mainstream, but I'm bang to rights over the word gritty. I like the sound of it.)

Snark and Fury
I promoted Snark and Fury a little while back, it's written by Aaron - a friend - and is a mix of reviews, snarky recaps and clips from comics. I really do recommend following the links on his page to his old LiveJournal reviews on Torchwood, Robin Hood and Bonekickers. But then again I do get a lot of pleasure out of reading about someone scathingly calling out a show for being stupid, poorly plotted or just plain bad.

Striking Shots
Striking Shots is a blog that's written by a Paul, a friend of mine who's currently located in Sydney. He's got pretty good taste in television (most of the time) but his blog is generally concerned with photography. I do love looking at the pictures he takes. This is the man who is responsible for my watching "The Wire", yeah he's the one who ruined me for all other television.

TV Spy
I must confess I'm not as dedicated when it comes to reading TV Spy as the other blogs. I think it's because my feed doesn't update their material correctly. But every time I do head over there I'm always entertained and impressed. Their "Six Things We Learned Today" feature is always good and of course they post about "The Wire" so they obviously have impeccable taste.

What's Alan Watching?
Alan is the TV Critic who writes for the Star-Ledger and the TV part of entertainment column on nj.com. His taste in shows almost exactly matches my own so I find his reviews to be 'must read'. The man just doesn't stop writing!

As always, I do love to read other people's opinions so if you have/know a blog you think I might like and you want to promote it. Comment away!


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  1. MysterLynch 25 September 2008 at 06:44
    Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your time, talent and passion with Crimespree Cinema.
  2. MediumRob 1 October 2008 at 22:04
    Aw, cheers! And the more Gavin & Stacey love spread, the better, so no thanks necessary.

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