Last Chance to See

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Today I'm going to unashamedly plug another of Stephen Fry's projects, this time it's 'Last Chance to See' located here on the web itself. The original 'Last Chance to See' was a radio show that had writer Douglas Adams travelling with Mark Carwardine to look at rare and endangered animals. Stephen, who was a close friend of Adams before his heart attack, has decided to take up his legacy and revisit the locations and animals.

There's plenty more on the site, I can't really do it justice myself.

Stephen's video blogs are here.
Mark's are here.
Some history behind the project is here.

And I'll leave the rest for you to discover by yourself, videos are being added to the site literally as they're uploaded from location.

Share and enjoy, share and enjoy.


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  1. Matt 27 October 2008 at 09:24
    This is so awesome - I loved the original and this seems like a fitting tribute to Adams as well as an interesting project in it's own right. Diving into it right now...

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