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This won't become a regular feature by any stretch of the imagination but here's a Television related piece of artwork from yours truly. It's of Zorak from Adult Swim's Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, which is the show that eventually resulted in my watching the most excellent Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Originally drawn in inks then scanned and coloured, this is the only surviving copy of it left. You can click on it for the original size version if you like.

Dexter review tomorrow, I've got a little behind with watching it as I was catching up with Heroes.

P.S. Don't worry, this is a one-off picture, art won't become a regular feature here. As I'm not drawing any time soon it's highly unlikely that I'll put another one up ever. I'm just using this as an excuse to break out the Why You Should Watch on Harvey Birdman as I'm watching them again right now myself.


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  1. Aaron 16 October 2008 at 13:14
    Good timing seeing as Harvey Birdman is out on Region 2 DVD soon...

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