The Shield: Collected Reviews Round Up: Parricide

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There's masses of swearing in almost all of the reviews this week. True last week's episode had the word "Bitches" in every single title, but heck that's because of the episode's name. All the swearing this week is because the episode is completely, utterly, ball-busting, life changing and brilliant.

Alan's review is here. The inevitable "Wire/Shield" comparisons start creeping up and some commenters seem bemused as to why the comparison is ever broached. Well it's not because they're creatively in the same plane. They're not, The Wire is a masterpiece of characterisation and writing, but The Shield knows exactly how to grab you right where it hurts, turn you upside down and shake until you pass out from the pain. Ultimately they're both masterpieces, there is just a massive difference in the depth and style between the shows. (I'm pretty sure if they weren't both cop shows with grey morals we wouldn't get the comparisons.)

Capone's is located here over on Ain't it Cool. I'm guessing he enjoyed the episode, a lot.

There's some speculation about a second copy of The Strike Team Sin files in the comments over at Premium Hollywood. Myself I'm just wondering what the non-premium part of Hollywood looks like.

Some rather NSFW language over at geeky talk, but I'm not surprised. The episode is one of those that can only really be expressed with such words. It was hard for me to not write "F**k me, best episode I've seen all fall season." Oh, look. I did anyway...

Jason Pinter missed the chance to recap last weeks episode, but he's bang up to date with this week's on his blog. He also adds in a few thoughts about Bitches Brew at the end of the post.

It seems Jonathan Toomey enjoyed the show as much as a hot, spicy Mexican meal over at TV Squad. It's a fitting analogy for the way the episode leaves you feeling after watching it.

Tom R's recap is short, but on target and has an interesting thought about the alternate spelling of Parricide as Parracide (Parasite, get it?)

Last of all is the imdb synopsis. As always it's long and detailed. If there was anything you're unsure of about the episode. Them there is the place to look.

5 More episodes and it's all over, what are we going to do with ourselves then?


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  1. Geeky Talk 24 October 2008 at 21:31
    Hey, this is Billy from Geeky Talk. Thank you for linking my site, it's great to come across someone who also reviews The Shield. Your post in which you link other blogs that review the show is inspired.

    I'm still shocked over the previous episode. We're in for something special in the next five episodes, that is a certain.
  2. Rev-Views 25 October 2008 at 00:22
    Hi Billy, you're more than welcome for the linkage as I enjoy reading your review after I've finished writing my own. I can't get enough of reading other people's opinions on what's happening in this last season.

    As for the final five episodes, from what I've heard (which was entirely spoiler free thank goodness), the critics who've already seen it were shocked and shaken into silence by the final two episodes. There's mutterings that it's better than the end of The Wire and The Sopranos.

    Sounds like we're in for an amazing ride in these final five weeks.

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