The Shield: Friday Collected Review Round Up - Animal Control

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There's a few drop outs as people start to lose steam and/or get behind with their reviewing of The Shield and I've managed to pick a few other new ones up to help.

First up we have TomR at TheTwoCents with his recap and review

Alan Sepinwall seemed to enjoy the episode greatly and thought (as did I for a bit to be fair) that Ronnie & Vic's plan might have worked. It wouldn't be the first time that The Shield has dropped something you expected to see in the final episode of the season earlier on.

Eric Goldman at IGN also enjoyed the episode a lot (heck who didn't?)

Jonathan Toomey has a lot to say about the episode (and no poll this week), there's certainly some stuff to chew over there.

The synopsis for Animal Control at the imdb is massive this week.

Capone is reviewing the episode over at ain't it cool. He keeps everything broken down into small points, something I've mentioned before I quite like but never do myself.

There's a few paragraphs from Jason Zingale at Premium Hollywood (is there a non-premium version of Hollywood?)

Geeky talk have their mix of screen caps and paragraphs over here.

Oh and a friendly warning, be careful out there because I believe the summaries for the next two episodes have been released and are either on the wikipedia Shield episode entry and/or You might walk into them elsewhere (they're not in the links here mind you) on the web and they're pretty spoiler-riffic.

Until next week's episode you can just sit and think about how much you heart Tavon. I can assure you it's less than I do.


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