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It's that time of week again, where I head out into the Internet and rustle up a few fat steers reviews and bring them on back to the pen. Usual hunting grounds abound!

We open this week with Alan's review right here. It seems the lucky chap has seen all the way up to episode 11 now.

Tom R continues to power away with his recap and review over at TheTwoCents He even used one of my favourite phrases to open his post "It's all about X" (Where X is whatever you feel like it being). Why haven't I used that yet in this blog?

Jonathan Toomey has a cracking line from the show to open up and echoes my own worries about Claudette. It's ironic how Claudette, essentially the anti-Vic, is being punished just as badly for following the straight and narrow path as Vic is for driving roughshod over anything in the way.

Did you miss something this week? Are you unsure of someones name? Then it's all here in the imdb synopsis as always. You're welcome.

It took a little hunting but I found Capone's review over at 'Ain't it cool' again.

I love the picture Premium Hollywood have up for the episode, straight, crooked, they all wear sunglasses.

Where would we be without Geeky Talk's review to round things up? Well still sat in the same seat looking at these words, but here it is anyway. There are some good thoughts in the post, but I'm sure the guy commenting is completely wrong about how it'll end up.

And he might be lagging a bit behind the rest of us now but Jason Pinter's recap and thoughts on the previous episode "Animal Control" (706) are up here.


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