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I'm afraid it's less of the comments and mostly just links this week. I'm pressed for time and writing this while I have a short coffee break (well tea break, but whatever).

First of all I missed out on 2GuysTalking's review of Genocide last week because they put it up after I posted my round up. Here it is.

Onto Game Face:

Jason Pinter's recap is up first over here. He has an analysis up at the end of it as well.

Tom R's recap and review is here.

Alan Sepinwall posts his thoughts here.

Eric Goldman's review
is over at IGN. I like the sub title this week, it's a hit.

TV Squad's Jonathan Toomey continues with the polls and reviews here.

The imdb synopsis is as detailed as always.

Anyone found anyone else reviewing the show out there on Internet island?


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