The Shield Collected Review Round Up: Petty Cash

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Rounding, rounding, rounding.
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Rounding, rounding, rounding.
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First up, I've had to drop Capone's reviews over at Ain't it cool because they've turned into an exercises in spoilers. It's a shame but them's the breaks. I'm not going to go looking at a post in which the title and opening line seems to indicate that he's about to spill the beans on what happens in the final two episodes. If you're curious and you don't care then feel free to google it up but I for one prefer to live in a spoiler free world (though I must admit I wish the final two episodes would just get leaked in advance because things are beginning to spill out all over the place after the critic's screening happened. Seems some of them just can't keep their mouths shut - which is a shame.) I suspected he was going to start getting all spolier-ish after last week, shame really - I know some people prefer to get their spoilers but it's pretty bad form (imo) to not to have a warning title or conceal your spoilers behind a cut. (Even if there aren't any spoilers in that post I just don't want to take the risk.)

The imdb synopsis on the other hand is an exercises in how not to spoiler things. It contains a full synopsis as always and is a pleasure to read.

Likewise Alan is diligent in his policing of user's posts and ensures that his review does not give away anything about the next two episodes despite the fact that he's seen them. I thoroughly appreciate and respect this.

Jason at Premium Hollywood has noticed (just like most of us I suspect) that Shane is a lot smarter than most people give him credit for. Shane's evolved a lot over the course of the show, as has Ronnie. Ironically Vic hasn't changed one bit since the first moment he exploded onto our screens, only his situation has.

Jonathan over at TV Squad is filled with almost as many questions as I have been this week. He's called for people's predictions about how it's going to go down. I didn't risk reading the comments just in case, so scroll through them at your own risk.

Tom R mentions in his recap and review that he's expecting something similar to a train wreck for the final two episodes. To be honest, I think he's right. It's going to be messy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Geeky Talk has it's usual mix of screen caps and a shrewd review for you to look over. Sometimes I think I should break up my reviews with more pictures, but they're such a hassle.

Last of all this week we have Jason Pinter's own review, this week he's gone for a random thoughts style post, which if I'm honest are the ones I like most of all from him.

Next week comes "Possible Kill Screen", which is an ominous title for an episode if I ever heard one...


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