The Shield Collected Reviews Round Up: Party Line

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It has been an incredibly busy week for me this week, unfortunately a need to earn money has cut into my time here. I was in my home a whole 5 mins yesterday so I wasn't able to get this up then, my apologies.

Excuses aside, lets move on to the reviews.

I'm almost unwilling to talk about Capone's review at Ain't It Cool this week, as there is a cardinal sin performed in it, putting information about later episodes right at the start (even if it's a joke or not, it's poor form). So follow this link with extreme caution. (Likewise avoid the wikipedia episode lists for The Shield, they are even worse).

The imdb synopsis shows more how you do it, you whop a great big sign that warns about spoilers and leave a break before getting into the stuff.

Let's have Jason Pinter next, it's a recap and then analysis this week. He's a little confused about the treatment Danny and Julien have had this season. It's a shame, because I loved their stories in the earlier seasons.

Over at Geeky Talk Billy has his usual mix of screen caps and thoughts, I'm pretty much in agreement with everything he's written. So I don't have anything witty or insightful to say.

Tom R pushes on with a short(ish) recap in his recap and review section at The Two Cents. Pretty much everything is there, but there's not a lot of detail and I'm left wondering where the review is.

It's a good one from Jonathan Toomey over at TV squad, I don't agree with him about the empty house/empty life metaphor being jammed down our throats. I barely noticed it myself and even when I did I was just like 'huh?' and just carried on enjoying the show.

Jason Zingale's
patience with Corrine seems to be really running thin this season, personally I have to admit she's become more shrewish while Mara has managed to redeem herself somewhat. So I kind of agree with his sentiments. I'm sort of hoping she'll get shot working as the go between for Shane and Vic, leaving Vic's kids either orphaned, fostered or Vic left at home struggling with them. Vic Mackey, homemaker.

Finally let's take a look at Alan's review over at 'What's Alan Watching?' He's not the only one who noticed just how ridiculously sculpted Walton Goggins is these days, I suspect Walton demanded a nude scene so he could show off.

There's a general consensus amongst the reviewers that this was Benito Martinez's finest moment this season, I do agree Acevada has been pushed to the sidelines for too long. Bringing him back with such force has brought him into the final picture, now Julien just needs the same push.


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