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Looking for a little something to extend your love affair with The Shield?

Well here's the best of the things I've found across the Internet and fortunately (unlike the official The Wire merchandise) many of these are available in or at least shipped to the UK.

First up is the Concrete Blonde album featuring ...Long Time Ago, the song that Shawn Ryan decided a long time ago that was going to end the show. It's available on the album 'Walking in London' and can be had from for £6.50 right here on playtrade. Alternatively you can go with getting it from Amazon here. It's not that easy to get this side of the Atlantic pond mind you.

It doesn't contain material from the latest season but there is a collected soundtrack available right here.

Next we'll roll around to eBay, I'm not saying anything brought from here is going to be safe. Use your normal caution and common sense when eBaying, check up on the seller before paying. But these are some of the more interesting items up right now.

Remember Vic's? Strike Team T-Shirt from the pilot episode? Well you too can own your own version, it comes in Black, Navy Blue, Green or White for just £9.99. There's currently 7 left over in the store.

I'm not as keen on the design of this one, but I do love Cletus Van Damme and if you do as well then it's possible to get one right here. The one I've linked to is a chocolate brown XL but there are more sizes in the sellers store.

This one is very noir in style and includes one of my favourite Vic Mackey quotes, it only comes in black but everyone looks good in black.

I'm not that convinced about the picture of Vic in this one, he almost looks like he's from a photo fit or the side of a milk carton. But it might be to your taste.

The following t-shirts are located in the US:

The first one really cracks me up, it has a great sentiment. "I'd rather be watching The Shield." Indeed.

The second makes use of the 5th season's styling and provides us with a white t-shirt that has the 5th season cover design on it.

Not as keen on this one, but again it might be to your taste.

There's a few different ones at this website, I especially like the first one with the Farmington logo on it. Unfortunately I'm not able to get one due to shipping issues. [Insert sad face here]

If you prefer to display your affiliation on the wall rather than your chest then there are a few posters available. Here's an A1 print of Vic in shades and Kevlar. Pretty iconic.

This print is from the same shoot as the one used on the season six UK cover. I quite like this picture, it's very iconic and appropriate.

If you've seen anything else out there across Inter-la-la-land-net please let me know here.


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