AFI 2008 Awards

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Taking the easy way out today* I've decided to bring you the American Film Industry 2008 Awards. Which are cunningly titled as the 2007 Awards.

The AFI TV Programs of the year: Official Selections are:
Breaking Bad
In Treatment
John Adams
Mad Men
The Office
The Shield
The Wire

Their selection for films is also up on this page.

Now I'm also going to take this opportunity to issue an apology to the creators, actors and writers of Life as this seems as good a time as any. I was very, very harsh about the show this season because it opened very poorly. So after a few critical words I stopped writing about the show and even stopped watching it. But I did not stop recording it as I had planned to catch up once The Shield and Dexter finished (thus lightening my limited viewing load - I have to pull this kind of triage quite often in the fall season sadly, I wish the American networks would spread things out a little more but what can you do?)

I've started to catch up and I can honestly say, it improves considerably. There will be a full look on the later episodes sometime before Christmas but right now I can say quite happily. You should (once again) be watching Life.

In other shows, watch Breaking Bad. It's exceptionally good stuff.

*Actually, I'll be writing about Dexter either today or tomorrow once I've seen the final episode.


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