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This is sort of TV related, well related enough that I think I can justify including it.

Game Damage is a web based TV Pilot that's being used to promote a potential TV show plus possible web shows reviewing the world of computers. It's starring Ben "Yahtzee" Crossaw of Zero Punctuation, Yug and Matt. The other name for it could well be "Two Australians and a Brit".

It's not bad at all if you enjoy the world of computers with it's mix of news, reviews and short sketches. There could have been more variety in the sketches, they were the same jokes told over and over, but again there's promise. Ben "Yahtzee" is easily the most entertaining part of the show with his trademark deadpan cynicism but Yug and Matt aren't terrible either. With the right level of funding and sponsorship it could become something decent (like The Guild is doing).

The episode is located over at

Oh and the show also reveals that Yahtzee normally doesn't talk at the same blistering pace he uses on his review videos, but we knew that already because it involved electronic trickery to speed the timing up.

Now I wonder if people would want some web Rev/Views videos or podcasts...


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