The Week That Was - 13/12/08

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Boston Legal:
Another show gives us it's final hurrah this year and this time it's the often preachy but always silly Boston Legal. Of course they save the silliest moments of the show for the final episode, out doing themselves on just about every front. Now if I'm completely honest I thought last weeks offering was better overall, but finales are always a little unsatisfying as they represent death. No matter what happens now there are no new stories for Denny & Alan, Carl & Shirley and Jerry & Katie. This is the end of their tales, but as far as it goes it wasn't bad at all.

The main take-over plot thread was a little bit of a blindside, while the show had been hinting that Crane, Poole and Schmidt was in trouble the Chinese investors were essentially shoved in without much foreshadowing in context. Of course if you look at the world in general right now you can see the foreshadowing, China continues to rise and it's only going to keep getting stronger in the world arena as time passes. But still, it could have been handled better and maybe it would have been if the season had a full 22 episodes instead of 13.

I'll miss Boston Legal for sure, the final season paired everything back, gave us a cast which worked, situations which were fun and not too much liberal ranting. It's not the best show that ended in 2008 but it's up there.

How I Met Your Mother:
'The Fight' was an absolutely awesome episode that gave everyone in the cast plenty to do, Robin and Marshall in particular were given some great lines and moments that really nailed their characters. Even Ted himself was pretty interesting (I always rag on Ted for being the show's boring straight man) and Will Sasso (from MADtv) was fantastic as Doug. Providing just the right amount of support for the cast without taking over (as some guest stars can do).

The final sequence in particular was ace. "Here's your coco!"

A pretty good episode overall from House, which is just as well because the current House:The Thirteen Show, story arc sucks gigantic donkey reproductive organs and then some. She's becoming more and more boring and whingey as time is passing. I have absolutely zero sympathy for her character and even less tolerance.

Leaving that aside the more interesting thread has been the Cuddy/House will they won't they thing. Normally I can't stand will they won't theys. But this one I quite like because the odds are firmly on the "won't".

Once again the patient wasn't very interesting, and the episode even managed to spoil itself by putting in a "not-a-revelation" moment which pushed the entire plot towards a hidden teen pregnancy long before even House got there. Still the final section of the episode included some tender moments and even House allowed himself to be human, it's possible he's lost out on anything with Cuddy now due to the arrival of this child.

Oh and the "virgin conception" moment was delivered with a superb level of fake-out and snideness from House. Good stuff.

The Office:
I don't know if I enjoyed the Christmas episode of The Office or not, I was thrilled with the return of Jim's cold opening gag. This time it had him Christmas wrapping Dwight's desk with a neat twist. But the episode on the whole, it had good points and not so good points. The main, Meredith drinks too much storyline wasn't that interesting, likewise Phyllis' blackmailing of Angela and the subsequent revealing of Angela's affair was awkward. Good, but awkward. I kind of hope it means they're bringing that storyline to a close as the love triangle has gone on long enough.

Most of the best moments were more throw away ones. Michael's continued mistreatment of Toby, Jim & Pam's talking head interview and Dwight's fire marshall moments were funny. It's not their best Christmas episode, but it was ok.

30 Rock:
I really, really dislike any storyline in 30 Rock with Jack's mother in them. Now all due respect to Elaine Stritch, she's a fantastic actress but the relationship her character has with Jack isn't funny. It's borderline boring. As such the good parts of the episode had to come elsewhere; Griz and Dot Com's 'bounderies' moment, Frank's Hat (as always) and this time Jenna's failed attempt to stand up to Jack. (ftr I like Jane Krakowski a lot, she manages to play a great little self centered starlett without being too much).

On the whole it was... Weak.

The IT Crowd:
I caught most of The IT Crowd this week after missing last weeks episode, this week was good. Very good in fact. Matt Berry was given a meaty (bad pun) storyline which played well to his strengths and his character's traits. Likewise Moss and Roy had a decent plot/gag when Jen was asked to give a speech as Employee of the Month and they decided to have her show the stockholders the Internet (a black box with a flashing light). It was great as episodes of the show go, funny and light. I especially enjoyed Berry's fight sequence.

In other stuff I picked up "The Planet Earth" for a meagre £12 yesterday and I've been watching the odd bit of King of the Hill, you know that other, other, other cartoon for adults. The one which isn't The Simpsons, Family Guy or Futurama. I only watch it occasionally so I rarely can recall what happened in each episode, which makes it feel like I'm watching it for the first time again.


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