The Week That Was - 17/01/09

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Quite a few shows on this week's TWTW (any ideas as to how on Earth you'd pronounce that? It reads like an owl who dislikes vowels...) as a lot of shows have returned.

How I Met Your Mother:
This week's episode was definite Seinfeld material, it's impossible to tell if the plot similarity was an accident, a homage or just a straight rip off of the Seinfeld story which had Elaine and Jerry trying the same thing as Robin and Ted. Marshall's B story pretty much stole the show mind you (again I believe Seinfeld did this one first as well), it combined with Barney's constant Freudian slips and television breakage to provide the vast majority of the comedy.

Another two episodes this week and as such Courtney Cox's character has already departed from the show, if her appearances had been spread over three weeks she might have made more of an impact, instead she feels like a flash in the pan. She was good but she's already gone. Neither of the two episodes aired compared to Glynn's star turn as the dying patient George last week but they were both quite satisfactory.

Damages review is located here, I've come to realise on a re-reading I might sound a little harsher on the show than I intended. It was still a good episode, I just have concerns that the show hasn't realised it's errors last season and taken steps to correct them.

Supernatural this week returned with a spin on a haunted house that really worked. Often the show isn't as frightening as it could be because it's hard to consistently provide a serious level of threat for the Winchester boys all season. But this week they managed it with the addition and involvement of the family who were just moving into the house. It was a fine effort and a strong return for the show.

The Office:
So, Dwight and Angela's secret is out and this week Andy finds out as well. Frankly I'm happy that the writers have decided to move beyond the secret love tryst/triangle as I wanted to stop feeling sorry for Andy. I still do feel sorry for him, but after his duel against Dwight and the awesome method he used to gain the upper hand it feels like he's a returning a little to form.

Michael spent most of the episode at Corporate headquarters talking about his methods as his branch is the only successful one in the company. Needless to say he has no idea why he's succeeding

30 Rock:
Flu Shot was the title of this week's mayhem at 30 Rockafella Plaza and the episode was on the whole pretty average. There were no stand out funny moments during this as such. Jack's romance with his nurse simmers away without delivering major laughs, but that's OK because it does add some depth to his character, while Liz's attempts to be liked by the teamsters are spoiled by her own actions. Kenneth once again had some of the better moments but I'm also enjoying the burgeoning friendship between Tracey and Jenna.

The Beast:
I wrote about The Beast's pilot episode yesterday, I think the brief highlights are. Swayze is great, the show has promise but it needs to iron out a few issues in it's plot and it's slightly OTT moments and the second lead character Dove isn't very interesting. It's one to keep an eye on as a lot of shows which begin with the word "The" turn out to be good.

The Guild:
Speaking of good shows beginning with the word "The", The Guild continues from strength to strength. The seventh episode of the second season brought potential crisis for Codex when Vork's issues with Zaboo meant that Zaboo might be kicked out and as such would return to Codex's house. The lass isn't confrontational enough to keep Zaboo out if he returned, but with judicious application of advice from her psychiatrist (via the phone), she manages to solve the problem. As well observed and as funny as ever, and I'm glad Zaboo didn't return to Codex's because the Vork/Zaboo dynamic is far more hilarious than the creepy stalker Zaboo/Codex vibe.

Other News:
I'm planning to sit down and watch BSG's season opener tomorrow after I finish reviewing the first season of The Wire. I might write about the episode itself on Monday, but it's more likely that I'll just let others talk about it as I rarely have much to say about BSG beyond "I like Cylons more than the Humans" and "Roslin is an annoying pain in the arse."

I picked up Bones - Season Three this week and also the entire of My So Called Life. Those two are probably amongst the last of the DVD purchases I'm going to be making until after I've moved home next month, but there might be something which catches my eye and changes my mind.


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  1. MediumRob 17 January 2009 at 21:34
    Pretend it's Welsh and pronounce it like a tutu.
  2. Rev/Views 17 January 2009 at 23:14
    When I do that it sounds like I'm Dorothy in a Welsh production of 'The Wizard of Oz'.
  3. MediumRob 17 January 2009 at 23:30
    Well, if That Was The Week That Was was TW3 then how about TW2?
  4. Rev/Views 18 January 2009 at 10:18
    Yes! That'll do!


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