The Week That Was - 24/01/09

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Battlestar Galactica:
I'm deliberately lagging a week behind when it comes to writing about BSG because of the UK release schedule. The first episode of the final run was one which didn't pull any punches at all and as such it's become almost impossible to avoid any spoilers about it. The teaser way to describe the episode is; someone dies, someone else is found dead and we learn who the final Cylon is.

I really like the darker twist the show has taken over this episode and the previous half-season finale. The show has always had an edge of desperation with dwindling resources and the gradual erosion of human life. But it seems to have moved even further down into the bleak scale and I just love that. Also the show has began to hint at the back story for everything and while it's still offering questions right now, it's hinting at some great answers.

The Guild:
Another great gag filled episode from Felicia and the guys at The Guild. Vork attempts to install order during the scheduled server outage while Zaboo tries to win Codex's affections by giving her the not-very-cold-and-some-what-desperate-shoulder. The Zaboo/Codex moments still remain my least favourite, but this episode was buoyed up by some great lines from Tinkerballa, Vork (of course) and Bladez. The final moment in the episode involving the hunky stunt man and Sid was a great cliff hanger as well.

How I Met Your Mother:
This week's HIMYM opened with an awesome extreme pan out, the CGI used for it was pretty fantastic and it was one of the better pan out to show the Earth shots I've seen in any show. The episode itself had some great stories; one of them revolving around Ted, Barney, Bingo and a Bar, the second involving Marshall and Robin - those two don't get enough conversations together so it was great to see how well they play off each other - and the third had Lily plus random people. Then it brought everything together and ended with some pretty great moments. HIMYM remains on form.

A pretty average episode for House overall this week, but a genuine improvement over the previous Thirteen-centric batch of episodes. While the patient himself wasn't that interesting, he still had some character and more importantly he had moments where he related with Taub and House. The episode also showed some interesting developments for Cameron and Cuddy. Hopefully the writers are beginning to figure out how to bring everyone into this show and keep it still working.

A better episode than last week, there were no Ellen present day scenes and actually the episode benefited from that. Most of 'I Knew Your Pig' concentrated on Daniel Purcell, his connection to Patty and began to look at the secrets Daniel was hiding about the company he works for.

Full review is here.

The Office:
I've noticed that almost every time Michael heads out of the office to go somewhere the rest of the staff waste their entire day on something completely irrelevant while Jim just shakes his head and lets it happen. This week we had a great opening Jim/Dwight gag - I do love those - followed by a huge debate about Hillary Swank. Hot or Not.

Meanwhile Michael went out to investigate a small family owned rival company and did exceptionally well, getting their client list. But they were such a nice bunch of people guilt overcame him and he attempted to dispose of the list. Dwight stopped him. It's great to see how ruthless Michael likes to think he is, until it comes time to pull the trigger on nice people, then he bottles out.

30 Rock:
Probably the best 30 Rock we've had in ages, this episode ran with three story lines, the funniest of which involved Frank and Jenna sleeping together after Frank edited the wikipedia article on Janis Joplin (who Jenna was method acting using the information from wikipedia). This collided with a reasonable Kenneth and Tracy storyline about the Hill Witch and diabetes in an exceptionally funny moment. Meanwhile Liz and Jack went to a Sigmar Six retreat, Liz travelling there at Jack's behest only to be abandoned by him once things went well. After an embarrassing moment for Jack, Liz saved his reputation by humiliating herself as 'The Bra Lady'.

The Beast:
Another confusing episode; The Beast has some awesome plus points to it, but it also doesn't seem to have settled into any recognisable form yet. The writing honestly feels like half set jelly, there are moments where it's all cohesive and makes sense, but then you get lost again and have trouble keeping up. Swayze and Gillard are excellent and even Travis has improved his portrayal of Dove when compared to the first episode, but the whole thing needs a kick up the rump in order to get it into shape. It should be a lot better than it is right now.

Full review here.

Other News:
I haven't watched this week's episode of Supernatural at this point, that's going to happen on Sunday, but it probably means I won't write about it. If I remember I'll edit an entry about the show onto this TWTW.

Burn Notice returned this week, I shall be writing about it on Mondays.

Sunday will also include the final season wrap up of the first part of the epic nonsense I decided to inflict on myself called 'Watching the Wire'. I've lost track of the number of words used in writing about the first season, it's thousands at least. But I will be reviewing the entire season as a whole and looking at the journeys each major character has taken through it, what it cost them and where they've ended up. The second season will be reviewed later this year, I need to put it on a slight hiatus because I'm drained from the first season write up and I'm moving home next month, which will of course disrupt my ability to post online for a while, so I decided to take a break until I'm settled in my new home.

I've also finally recieved the second season of Rescue Me on DVD (little rhyming there for you) and I must confess I'm now throughly impressed with the show and I've been enjoying the second season so far a lot.


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