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As you may be aware I've had an impending move on the cards for the past few weeks, I've mostly been trying to sort it all out well in advance in order to avoid massive disruptions and skip past the inevitable disasters which always happen when you move.

I'm going to be moving my computer either tomorrow or Wednesday, but I think it's unlikely that I'll manage to post anything more on here before then because there's just so much I need to get on top of. Additionally everything TV related is now boxed up and as such it's impossible to tell where it is. So I'm going to call a hiatus to Rev/Views a day or so in advance here.

I have set up Twitter to receive phone texts from me, so until I'm back online I shall be exclusively communicating via the medium of tweets. You can see them in the top right corner of the main page or follow them directly here. Excuse me for not following you back immediately, but I won't be able to check for any possible new followers except when I have occasional access in work. Likewise I won't be able to see any messages from anyone I'm following right now.

Be back soon (hopefully) until then, see you on Twitter*!
*Or for those lucky few who know me personally, see you on facebook.


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