The Week That Was - 01/02/09

By Rev/Views

This week has been rather lax on the TV front I'm afraid, I've been engaged in 'Operation putting stuff in boxes' in preparation for my move of home later this month, so this weeks TW² is slightly shorter than normal.

Ah, just when I think the team behind House is planning to switch up it's status quo slightly they retreat back to the norm. House is an enjoyable show which goes exactly nowhere at all, it's like it's built on the format of a sit-com. Still the constant revolution of everything around Thirteen has abated somewhat and they've managed to make her a little more tolerable by involving her with Foreman.

We have another two episodes in what will be Scrubs final year and it feels like ABC are just trying to rush this all out and get it over with. I'd honestly prefer one episode a week over the pairs of episodes we're getting right now. It certainly makes it harder to remember what happened in each episode a day or two later. The main points would be, Elliot and JD are dating again, Dr Cox is now in charge of the hospital (good move that one) and the interns are still as boring as ever apart from "Joe" who's moderately interesting.

This week's episode of Damages was a good one, but it was sadly let down at the end by the writers. They seem to suffer from the same fallcy of thought as the writers in 24, which is that the viewers need a "big twist" each week to keep them hooked. This is most definately not the case, you over use twists in the plot and they stop being exciting and become obvious crutches. But that gripe aside the rest of the episode was as good as always with some fantastic performances from the cast, the little character moments were some of the best -- I hope that Damages increases the amount of those, bringing more humanity and richness to the relationships between the core cast.

Due to Supernatural's Thursday night air time I'm behind watching the show by a week. But last weeks episode with guest star Michael Weston wasn't bad at all. It was centered around magicians and titled 'Chriss Angel is a Douche Bag'. I did find myself wondering why Michael was brought in for this as he has very little screen time, but I enjoyed the episode with the mixing of slight of hand and real magic. Plus it ended in a very exciting manner which promises good things for this week's episode.

Don't ask me exactly why, but I haven't watched the second episode of BSG yet. I suspected and then later read it would be another 'character episode' where essentially little happens. I hate those episodes of BSG and as such I keep finding better things to do than watch it. This actually happened last half-season as well where I . Could someone who's already watched the second (and maybe third) episode convince me to watch them in a non-spoiler fashion?

The Beast and Burn Notice reviews will be slotted in early next week, Tuesday and Wednesday seem likely as I'm working Monday.

Other News:
This week's purchases were mostly films, but I did get the 'A series' of QI yesterday and as always I've very much enjoyed it. The show is ideal to have on when you're also doing other stuff, it's interesting Moving Wallpaper that educates and entertains.


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  1. Matt 2 February 2009 at 10:59
    Having watched the 2nd episode I can confirm your suspicions. My guess is you'll be better off watching 452 and 453 (or is it 502 and 503?) back to back. I'll let you know when I've watched the third one.
  2. Dan 2 February 2009 at 11:28
    Ep2 (as you refer to it) wasn't that great overall, but it did contain important info that feeds into the rather excellent ep3 (which is the first of a two-parter).

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