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I'd like to call it good news, but it's a case of not counting your eggs before they've hatched. I grew tired of the BT/Pipex nonsense, with each company claiming the other company was responsible for removing the BB tag and managed to find the e-mail address for BT's CEO's office and contacted them yesterday. One long(ish) e-mail later and I recieved a reply, then a phone call, then another reply and then finally I was told that the tag was now in the process of being removed and I should have a clear line by the 30th of April.

I'm amazed and saddened that I had to go that far to get this sorted, I'm also amazed how easily it's been sorted once it's been given to someone with a clue.

I'm eternally grateful to the nice woman who listened to one person's problems and has taken time from her day to sort it out.

So hopefully, the next time I post on here it'll be a regular thing again.


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  1. MysterLynch 6 May 2009 at 05:14
    I eagerly await your return.

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