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Yes, the inconceivable has happened. I am indeed back online at home and fully connected (well my xbox 360 isn't connected right now, but one step at a time...)

So in the words of George Costanza. "I'm back baby!"

So much has happened in the time I've been offline it's going to take a while just to adjust, catch up with a few comments and requests made on older posts and get up to speed with the various events I've missed, I've caught up with a few of them here and there, but not everything.

I am indeed pleased to find out Chuck has been renewed for a third season. Likewise for Dollhouse and Bones. Shame about Sarah Conner, it was a series I half watched and planned to get into if it had a third season, not going to happen now. I'm not so plussed about Scrubs being renewed, I've not watched all of the eight season, but from what I've gathered so far the last finale would have been a good note to end it all on - it feels a little like flogging a deceased equine.

I also have an awful lot of catching up to do, there are a lot of shows I've missed the back run for and would like to see. I've also got a fair wad of DVDs I need to break down and review. I'll be mostly posting DVD reviews and bits of news over the next few weeks while I get back up to speed with the world of Television. Then comes pilot season, exciting times!

But for now, here in the middle of the hilly countryside this is Rev/Views saying "It's good to be back... At long last."


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