Summer Scheduling plans

By Rev/Views

So I've been back online for a short while now and I'm beginning to settle into a new update schedule. It has to be built around my work times because I commute a long distance to work and the days where I'm working I often don't t have enough time to watch shows and write about them. As such the days I'll be updating and the plan are as follows:

Monday & Tuesday:
DVD Reviews, catching up on the backlog of DVDs and shows I watched while I was offline.

Why You Should Watch
A general overview of a show I've watched (or are watching) with some highlights and information about it. A chance to decide if a given show is for you or not. I won't be dealing exclusively in shows I like here, I will be writing

No Updates

Friday + Saturday:
Occasional updates depending on my mood. I'll always update on one of these two days, sometimes with a short review, sometimes with a list of things I like. Sometimes just to plug another blog writer who's work is worth reading. Something for the weekend sir?

Sunday: Watching the Wire: Season Two.
The continuation of my somewhat epic attempt to recap and review every single episode of The Wire. Every moment from the first one to the last capped and hopefully discussed a little. You have no idea the time investment involved in writing just one of those, but they're the most popular pages on this site so I guess it's worth it. I will be including screen caps this time, I've replaced my broken DVD drive (after Spore broke it about half a year ago).

So that's the plan up ahead, it won't switch up until the fall season now because TV slows down for the summer. I'm also not sure how shaken up it will be when the US returns to winter programming because the pilot episodes. They really don't inspire me in particular. There's nothing much to fill the void the passing of The Wire, The Shield and BSG have left in quality drama. Mad Men helps, Sons of Anarchy is pretty good too, but the newer shows all seem rather tame, uninteresting or just not aimed at my demographic tastes.

I have a few questions for those of you who hung on during my absence...

What new shows coming up have grabbed your attention and why? Here's your chance to get me interested and write about them.

Are there any shows you'd like to see on the Why You Should Watch feature? Anything which has been hovering about your attention and you'd like a bit more info and an opinion on?

Same for DVDs, anything you want reviewed? If I have it or I can get it for a reasonable price I'll give it a go.

I may return tomorrow, but I will most certainly be back on Sunday with the opener for Watching The Wire 2.


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  1. Dan 22 May 2009 at 22:14
    To plug the quality drama gap, might I suggest Breaking Bad? You won't regret it.
  2. Rev/Views 22 May 2009 at 22:25
    Thank you for reminding me, that show has been all over my radar and it's entirely down to you and your reviews plus praise of it. I've just skimmed the starts of them but the taste has left me wanting more.

    Need to figure out when Five is showing them now.

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