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As today has been such a fantastic day for television I like I'm going to break down the highlights, complete with links.

The Shield's final season is available for purchase on DVD this week, managing to make it to both sides of the Atlantic at the same time. A big thumbs up to the production company for managing this. Get out there and support quality TV by picking up either this or the complete set (I shall get both!)

Fox see sense and renews Futurama for another season with 26 episodes. I hope my purchasing of all the DVD movies helped in some small fashion. (Thanks to Rob Buckley for bringing this to my attention - always cite your resources!)

Rob, in a double whammy also let me know about an interview David Simon held with Simon Mayo and Treme is mentioned. I shall be listening to it on the train tomorrow.

Shawn Ryan (The Shield's creator) has his pilot "Terriers" greenlit. (Rob mentioned this as well, but I didn't notice it in the excitement over Futurama and found out about it elsewhere).

Mad Men's 3rd season hits the screens August 16th.

Seriously, as I have such a specific set of tastes in the world of Telly Vision (finding 99% of it out there utter rubbish and hiding from it like some TV hermit) days like this are so rare they have to be savoured and celebrated.


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