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I'm afraid too little time has once again made a victim out of posting on here. But I am working sorting out some podcasting in the near future, with Aaron from Snark and Fury (hopefully) as two man podcasts have a more natural flow to them in my opinion (I feel the same way about commentary as well, I prefer the group dynamic - though David Simon and Clark Johnson both give very good solo commentary).

Now I imagine that The Wire, The Shield and Torchwood: Children of Earth are on the agenda to talk about initially, but I'm opening the floor up at this point to any suggestions. Any shows you'd want to hear about? Any specific areas (Reviews, general musings, favourite X/Y/Z etc)?

And how do people feel about audio reviews? Is straight audio interesting or would you prefer pictures?

(And who knows, maybe one day I'll even sort out a MST3K style riffing series over the top of some show at some point - if I can figure out a decent way to make it work without getting involved in copyright issues etc.)

So fire away and... um.. Is this thing on?


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