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I've been struggling somewhat to figure out what to write over the past few days; family, work, the heatwave and a general lack of inspiration have contributed. I did mean to write about Big Love, but I'm still a disc away from seeing the entire first season and I don't think it's right to review a single season DVD set you haven't watched all the way through. So I've decided to settle on this instead, which is a semi-apologetic yes I've been lax updating since Tuesday and semi-here's the plan for the next few days.

Depending on what TV I catch later this evening and tomorrow I'll hopefully have a Forced Viewing up, but my vitriol has been somewhat blunted since I got sidetracked into watching Knightmare again (after writing about it on Tuesday). I've quite literally been sat on the edge of the sofa shouting various things at the TV - including but not limited to answers to riddles, commands to the dungeoneer and general cries of how foolish they've been - generally when they decide to take a weapon from a clue room instead of something random like a stick; in Knightmare weapons are always useless - which is a good thing both for the positive message and because it means the team can't try and muscle their way past problems.

The show is just so tense and the way it staggers each group's quests over several episodes and you can never be sure how long a group will survive. So one group falls halfway through the episode and the next one is up - so I just HAVE to see how they do... Next thing you know I realise it's Friday and I haven't updated... Ooops.

Anyway, Sunday will be the sixth episode of the recap/review thing which is Watching The Wire. The episode is "All Prologue" and is one of my favourite ones in the season, so it should be pretty good to read. But it's next week which will be a little unusual, I've taken a sabbatical from work and the intent for the first part of it is pretty simple. I'm going to sit down and marathon watch The Shield from start to finish, blogging about each day as I do so. I'll pretty much watch it constantly; just taking breaks for exercise, food and so forth - writing about it as I do so. Then at the end of each day I'm going to post what's there up here. It's pretty much going to be a random collection/timeline of events during the entire week, call it a psychological experiment if you like.

We're talking about seven seasons totalling eighty nine episodes which works out at around 58 hours. I imagine I'll be able to watch most of a season in a day, but we'll see. The big question I have is if I watch it with the commentary on or not; I've never listened to all of the commentary on The Shield because I just love watching the show, I'm not tired of seeing it and I guess I'm a little concerned the commentary might break the "reality" of the experience for me. It probably won't, but also I'll miss out on the stories - so I think most likely I'll watch the show 'neat' and save the commentary for another time.

The only break I will take is if this viewing overruns and I'm still watching by next Sunday - because I have no desire to miss writing the seventh part of Watching The Wire 2 I'll take a break from The Shield to get that up.

And that's the plan for the next week or so. Hopefully I'll have proper content for you tomorrow!


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