What if all TV Shows were Twittered?

By Rev/Views

I use Twitter on occasion, mostly to keep a track of things which are happening in the world of television by following certain feeds and also to report updates and so on.

But a while back I wondered what would happen if I tried to sum up various TV Shows in 140 characters or less. I decided to avoid putting the results onto Twitter to avoid spoilering things for people. So for your enjoyment they're here instead. Be aware, every single one of these will spoiler the shows mentioned in one way or another.

So without further adieu I present TV Shows in 140 characters or less - twitter style.

Six Feet Under:
Family of funeral directors brought back together when father dies, they carry on for a while then all of them die as well.

Four friends have a contest to see who can go without masturbating longest. George cheats, but doesn't admit it for four years.

How I Met Your Mother:
A story about how I met everyone up to and including your mother, told over many years. There's also a goat.

Ross and Rachel spend ten years dancing around each other before getting together. Joey gets a spin-off and fails.

Battlestar Galactica:
Humans flee from murderous robots they created and find primitive Earth. God may have been involved.

Boston Legal:
Denny Crane and Alan Shore work together for five years before getting married. Denny never loses a case.

Dead Like Me:
Mandy Patinkin (Rube) dispenses sage advice to the freshly dead George before mysteriously disappearing. People die.

Delivery boy is cryogenically frozen, awakens in Year 3000, world not taken over by talking apes. Talking robots are a feature though.

The Wire:
It's too deep and complicated to explain here. Go watch it.

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law:
Retired superhero becomes laywer, forced to win every case twice and is then killed by Stephen Colbert.

The 4400:
4400 people are abducted and returned with special powers, everything gets cancelled before it's wrapped up.

The Shield:
Cop kills another cop and gets a job working for the feds instead of going to jail. His co-workers aren't so lucky.

Curb Your Enthusiasm:
Larry David proceeds to offend everyone he meets, repeatedly.

Children explore a virtual reality dungeon and get killed. Virtually.

The Simpsons:
The Simpsons do everything first in the world of television. "Simpsons did it."

The Dead Zone:
Johnny Smith gets knocked on head, gains psychometry but his TV show gets cancelled before he can save the world from Greg Stillson.

Ex-bar patron gets his own radio show, spends ten years in Seattle before leaving for Chicago - still single.

That 70s Show:
Nerdy guy gets the hot red head, then loses her, then gets her, then loses her, then gets her again. 70s style.

Gavin and Stacey:
Couple meet on the Internet, get married. British public thinks it's all lush and lovely!

Fawlty Towers:
Hotel owner almost gives himself a stress induced heartattack while insulting his wife, staff and guests. Don't mention the war!

Black Books:
Disgruntled shop owner hires confused hippy type and spends his time abusing him.

Two people move in together and pretend to be a couple for two years. They possibly end up becoming one.

Jack Bauer repeatedly saves the world from increasingly ludicrious threats, for his next trick he'll punch the Earth out of it's orbit.

Who cares any more? Seriously? Stick with saving the cheerleader.

Deadliest Warrior:
Crazy match ups between historical warriors occur. No Pirates vs Ninjas vs Robots vs Zombies though.

Feel some of these aren't good enough? Want to give it a go yourself? Your favourite show is missing? Then give it a try in the comments section - or perhaps even on Twitter.

This also works well for books and movies - movies are a lot easier as they're shorter than TV shows.


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  1. Matt M 12 July 2009 at 15:12
    Generation Kill: The Wire in Iraq. Kinda.

    Ultraviolet: Vampire thriller. The show Torchwood should've been.

    Veronica Mars: US teen drama meets film noir. Unfairly cancelled.

    Babylon 5: Space station at centre of cosmic war. Battles. Politics. Religion. Drama. Occasionally dodgy dialogue and acting.

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